Watch Live Webcast of Surfing America Prime from T-Street, San Clemente, Dec. 9th

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The Surf Channel Television Network has officially announced a partnership with iBN Sports, the authority of high school broadcasting, to bring live web coverage of the Surfing America Prime Series.  Future stars of the sport will be surfing their best to compete in the boys’ U18, U16 and U14 divisions and the girls’ U18 and U16 divisions.  Sunday, December 9th, The Surf Channel will be hosting a live stream from the final day of event #3 of the Surfing America Prime Series from T- Street in San Clemente, California, right here on  


Be sure to watch the best junior surfers and the PacSun USA Surf Team rip apart T-Street this Sunday: 



The mission of Surfing America is to promote the growth, competitive success and positive image of surfing in the USA and to provide the best possible experience for all participants by encouraging, developing, advancing and administrating the sport while producing champions.  The Surf Channel agrees with the goals of Surfing America and is excited to bring on board the live streaming expertise of iBN Sports – the leading production company broadcasting high school sports’ webcasts from around the nation.


“The live webcast of the Surfing America Prime events will help these amazing athletes and the sport of surfing get the recognition it deserves,” says Greg Cruse, Executive Director of Surfing America. “Coverage of surfing events is primarily limited to the World Tour and Prime events.  The kids don’t have a chance for broader exposure. The webcast is great so family and friends from all over the world can tune in to watch them surf.”


Eithan Osborne will surf the Surfing America Prime event #3, broadcasted live on

Eithan Osborne will surf the Surfing America Prime event #3, broadcasted live on Photo courtesy of Surfing America.



As the “authority in high school athletics,” iBN Sports is excited to provide the same high quality coverage as mainstream sports like football, basketball and soccer.  iBN Sports is proud to support the growth of surfing’s up-and-comers by expanding the media coverage of the Surfing America events. 


iBN Sports is excited to expand our high school sports programming to surfing,” says CEO of iBN Sports Networks John Mudge. “While showcasing the future stars of high school football and basketball has been our bread and butter for several years, the opportunity to partner with The Surf Channel to bring more attention to the future stars of surfing and other action sports is just as compelling. It’s something our audience craves.”


Encouraged support for surfers is the root goal for all parties. “Media exposure is critical for the kids’ sponsorship,” Cruse continued. “If they aren’t exposing their sponsors’ brand and perceived as being strong brand ambassadors, those dollars will dry up.”  


The Surf Channel and iBN Sports are stoked to announce the live feed of high school surfing for the entire community to enjoy!  Support young athletes – they are the future of this great sport. 

Surfing American Prime LIVE on The Surf Channel powered by iBN Sports

iBN Sports Networks ( is the authority in High School Sports. The Company produces professional quality high school sports videos and distributes them through their social media partners including YouTube, Yahoo!, and Gannett as well as on The network provides live coverage of the nation’s top games and studio produced context including highlights, profiles and game-day shows, available on all platforms, including web, mobile and linear broadcasting. They focus on building partnerships with schools and their athletes, sharing revenues with the schools and giving gifted young athletes the visibility they deserve.


Surfing America ( is the official ISA-recognized National Governing Body for the sport of surfing in the United States. Surfing America is responsible for holding the USA Surfing Championships event each year and for selecting the official USA Surf Team to compete internationally. With its primary emphasis on youth development, Surfing America is a critical element to successfully growing the sport of surfing on a global basis.

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