VIDEO: Big Puerto Escondido Barrels ft. Greg Long

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Big Wave World Tour 2012-13 Champion, Greg Long, is known for his acute precision in the craft of big wave riding. The Billabong surfer takes forecasting large swell very seriously, so when Puerto Escondido lit up the map earlier this month, the San Clemente local made his way south of the border. He sure scored some massive barrels at the Mexican Pipeline. Luckily, filmmaler Juan Bacagianis was ready on the beach with a camera to share these bomb sets with the world.

Check out what Greg Long has been up to this October:

Footage by Juan Bacagianis & Lola Fernandez. Edit by Juan Bacagianis. 

As one of the most calculated big wave surfers on the planet, Greg was featured in a recent film called, “Sine Qua Non: Psychology of Big Wave Surfing.” We sat down with producer Zack Weisberg, founder of The Inertia, to hear more about the BWWT Champion: 

Read about Greg Long’s road to the 2012-13 BWWT victory.

Read Greg Long’s firsthand account about his near-fatal 4-wave hold down at Cortes Bank.

Hear about Greg Long’s role in the Chasing Mavericks film.

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