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College life is unforgettable, and as a surfer, the experience is even better if you can catch a wave to escape the finals stress, dwell over your paper thesis while waiting for sets, even a casual setting to meet new friends in your new home as a student.  With unbelievable opportunities at your fingertips and challenges to face, deciding the best university for yourself is just down right hard.

What sets one perfect university apart from the rest?  Well, if you’re a surfer, choosing the right part of the United States coastline will be as necessary as paying your tuition.  The good news is that there are a bunch of schools in prime locations for daily surf sessions to break up all that studying.

The Surf Channel presents the Top 10 Universities for Surfers.


#10 – California State University, Long Beach

The iconic Walter Pyramid at CSULB is one of only three standing pyramids in the United States. The gym inside holds the school’s basketball games among other sports. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

California State University, Long Beach, is located near Surf City USA, Hungtington Beach, California. Photo: Surf Channel/ Emily Goodman

Although there is no surf in Long Beach (take down the breakwater and there will be!), there is an essence of surf culture and overall beach attitude at the university which is located only a few miles from the coast. Let it be known, the surfing championships were held in Long Beach in the 1930′s! However, a quick 20-minute drive south will take you to Huntington Beach, Southern California’s Surf City (there is an ongoing argument that Santa Cruz is the real “Surf City,” but that is for you to decide). There are a lot of breaks along the way in Seal Beach, Surfside (an ode to Surfside colony is made in Sublime’s song titled, “Paddle Out”) then there is Bolsa Chica and a huge stretch of beach known as HB cliffs. If you choose to wander north of Long Beach, there is Coastal San Pedro, the coveted Palos Verdes Peninsula and Torrance. If you are willing to search around, you can find waves in PV that are empty and perfect. Be weary of agro locals! True, the surf is not always epic in and around Long Beach, but when it’s good, it is really good… barrels for days and perfectly groomed a-frames! Believe me, I have seen it. If you don’t mind surfing fun, punchy beach break all the time, CSULB is the school for you! Not to mention, it is nestled in one of the Top 5 Most Diverse Cities in the country!

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As a college graduate from California State University, Long Beach, Emily enters the world with a Bachelor's Degree in Recreation and Leisure Studies and a passion for surfing, cultural diversity and serving others.


I am going to promptly seize your rss as I aren’t able to find your own e-mail registration url and also e-newsletter company. Complete you’ve every? You need to allow me to comprehend to ensure that I might merely subscribe. Cheers.

Kyle Stuart says:

I hope you know the second picture of Point Loma Nazarene Univercity is not of the campus. What you have there is a picture of the US Coast Guard facility at the tip of Point Loma and is quite a few miles from the campus.

Jason Panzarino says:

How do you not put in University of California, Irvine. Steps away from Newport and Huntington as well as around the corner from Salt Creek, Trestles, San Clemente..

Anonymous says:

Only one word from my mouth Awesome… I am so excited while reading.

ELi Sanchez says:

Three out of ten in San Diego region makes San Diego #1 Surf University.

If it a choice between a short walk to world class waves and being a banana slug, I believe that UCSD really is still #1.

Kyle Dex says:

I went there, and it is so inconsistent and the OBX are like 5 hours away, so not at all "right there" How many times a month is the surf over waist high?

Michael Amster says:

Cruz baby!

Cody James Hamilton Pace says:

How in the world could you not put BYU Hawaii? It is not an hour away from the North Shore like the University of Hawai'i at Manoa but located right on the North Shore in Laie. You do not have to be Mormon to attend BYU Hawaii and there is no college closer to the worlds greatest stretch of surf as BYU Hawaii is.

did you forget UNCW in Wilmington north carolina? not only good surf minutes away but the outer banks breaks are right there.

Prashanna Kopalakrishnan says:

Find The Top 10 Libraries To Supervise As A Surfer xD

Dave Hon says:

Should have read this article 13 yrs ago……. :(


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