FILM: The Inertia and Surfrider Foundation Present "Martin’s 5: Battle for the Beach"

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“Martin’s 5: Battle for the Beach” is a short film created by The Inertia to join Surfrider Foundation‘s fight for public beach access at a gem surf spot in Northern California. Located just below Half Moon Bay, Martin’s Beach is known for it’s pristine, natural landscape, matching most of the surrounding land in the area. The most significant difference, however, is that public access to Martin’s Beach has been cut-off by private landowners who threaten to charge surfers and beach-goers with trespassing. 

Check out the documentary short, with stunning imagery provided by Jim Patterson Photography:

The Surfrider Foundation has been made well-aware of the issue not only in Northern California but all across the United States, and is requesting your help in the fight for public beach access. Any donations made to the Surfrider Foundation through becoming a member, will give them the support they need to continue to fight for YOUR access to public beaches.

public access to Martin's BeachFive surfers were arrested for ‘trespassing’ while surfing Martin’s Beach. Photo: Martin’s 5: Battle for the Beach

Join the fight today! Visit the Surfrider Foundation website to find out how to help support.

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