Top 10 Inexpensive Surf Destinations With Great Waves

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Written by Alex Blackmon


We are constantly drawn by the search and the gamble, of finding the perfect barreling waves.  The most memorable sessions are usually not scored at home with 200 of your best friends, but rather off the beaten path far away in unfamiliar territory.  In order to experience this bliss, one is usually forced to fork over some dough, and lots of it.  Scoring the ultimate wave can cost a pretty penny. Well, not always. The good news is, if you dig deep enough and research, reaching that unfamiliar territory might be cheaper than you think. We broke down the Top 10 Inexpensive Surf Destinations outside the U.S. and Australia so you can score even if you’re poor.


Nicaragua. Photo: SurfChannel | Devin Perry


10. Uruguay

Paddling out to an unfamiliar lineup in a foreign country can be intimidating even if your cut back is “Kellyesq.” In Uruguay, there is no need to be scared. It’s not uncommon for the local surfers to welcome you with open arms. The plethora of points, reefs, and beach breaks are enough to satisfy any traveling surfer. A modest comfortable room can be as cheap as the beer you had at the airport in the States.

To keep the cost down even more, fly into Buenos Aires, Argentina because airfares to Montevideo can get pricey. The conditions tend to be fickle in Uruguay so it’s best to link up with a local or surf camp. Although Uruguay doesn’t produce the best waves on the planet, your chances to score un-crowded quality waves are more than par. Make sure to bring your best steak knife, because Uruguay is the largest consumer of beef in the world. It might not hurt to pack your wetsuit and booties, too.


9.  Puerto Escondido, Mexico

No doubt that Puerto Escondido can pump out waves heavier than most can handle. Don't worry though, you won't need to go far to find more mellow conditions. Photo: Daniel Flash Nava Duran

No doubt that Puerto Escondido can pump out waves heavier than most can handle. Don’t worry though, you won’t need to go far to find more mellow conditions. Photo: Daniel Flash Nava Duran


If barrels and coffee are your thing, then Puerto Escondido might be your place. Located in the southern region of Mainland Mexico, Puerto Escondido can offer screaming hollow beach breaks, mellow beginner waves, cheap cervezas, and reasonable lodging. A basic beach bungalow can go for as little as $25 a night in the low season.  The slightly more comfortable mid-range hotels with Wi-Fi, orthopedic mattresses, swimming pools, and TV’s, range from $50-$75 a night. Split this between some friends and you’ll save some change. Look for Puerto to be best in the summer months as healthy SW swells approach the region.

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Stuart Wieten says:

A surf trip to Costa Rica is a lot cheaper than one to Bali or Thailand. Just sayin'

Barbi Zen says:

inexpensive para quien tiene dólares, yo para pagar el tkt a tailandia tengo q trabajar dos años!!! :d

Roger Suen says:

anyone fancy a trip soon?!


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