VIDEO: Andres Flores’ Most Dangerous Wipeout

Dominican big-wave surfer, Andres Flores recalls one of his most dangerous wipeouts at Mavericks in Half Moon Bay. Previous to this wipeout, Flores had broken a rib at Mavs, so his respect runs deep for the powerful wave.

Andres’ story starts out cruising on a small day at Mavericks (which about 15 feet). There were no warning signs, but a sneaker set came in at 20 feet and caught him off guard. Andres was not in the right position and was actually sitting pretty deep in the bowl. He immediately started paddling as fast as he could. The first wave of the set crashed right on Flores head and took him straight to the bottom. Shortly after, the second wave struck.

After battling to fight the powerful 2-set wave wash, Andres was dragged into the rocks by a third wave. As he made it to shore, blood streaming from both ears due to the pressure, Andres had made it physically unharmed.

Mavericks is an especially challenging and powerful wave, which keeps Andres Flores coming back for more.

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