This is Livin’ Episode 6 pt 3 | Thundercloud by Koa Rothman

This is Livin’ Episode 6 | Thundercloud pt 3 take viewers along for a summer they’ll never forget featuring professional surfer Koa Rothman. From traveling the world to legendary surf breaks to the clubs. Be sure to tune in to these weekly episodes to get a taste of a professional surfers summer.

In this episode Koa and his crew load the boat and head over to Cloudbreak for an epic session.


Koa’s Social – https://www.instagram.com/koarothman



Thank you to Tim Bonython for the big wave footage you are a legend. https://www.instagram.com/tim_bonython Jack’s Social https://www.instagram.com/jack_g_808 This is Livin’ Soundtrack https://soundcloud.com/jackgermain/se…