New Surf Channel Series: Jibe

Head to San Diego, California where the Pirate Ship is slowly deteriorating into the Pacific Ocean. Joey takes on the unimaginable, tackling everything from a corroded engine to a nasty toilet. Joey and Kelsey laugh through the chaos as they get the boat ready to travel 2,500 miles to Nicaragua.

Meet the Crew:

Joey Coleman, 27
Instagram: twoguysadventures
He may just be the most interesting man in the world. He’s a dreamer but also a doer, which is why he’s not the easiest guy to get ahold of- there’s no telling where in the world he may be. After climbing Russia’s highest peak, but before battling a crevasse or two on Rainier, Joey spent a few months volunteering at an orphanage in Mongolia, a place he describes as, ‘magical.’ Joey later found the Pirate Ship, battered and bruised and destined for death in California, brought it back to life and decided to sail it to Nicaragua. This crazy, Colorado-native stops at nothing, which is what led to the creation of Jibe.

Joey Coleman, 27 - Jibe crew member
Joey Coleman, 27 – Jibe crew member

Kelsey Coleman, 25
Instagram: kelsey.coleman
As a former anchor and reporter for NBC and CBS affiliates, Kelsey enjoys telling the unthinkable stories, especially if she gets to be a part of them. She’s little, but she’s fierce, which is why she prefers living on the edge of the unknown, with an ever changing horizon. Turns out, she married the right man. As a team, Kelsey and Joey attempt to get the most out of life by exploring all corners of the globe and pushing past their breaking points.

Kelsey Coleman - Jibe crew member
Kelsey Coleman – Jibe crew member

Greg Coleman, 23
An engineer by day and superhero by night, Greg manages to escape the fluorescent lights of the office by agreeing to partake in ridiculously dangerous adventures alongside his brother. Greg’s not a sailor, but he can cook dumplings in a tropical storm, which has earned him a place on the Pirate Ship.

Greg Coleman - Jibe crew member
Greg Coleman – Jibe crew member

Travis Faker, 26
From Santa Barbara, California, Travis feels more at home in the cabin of a rocking boat than solid ground. He’ll ride out a storm on the bow of a ship with a cup of rum like the true pirate he is. He joins the crew as co-captain.

Travis Faker - Jibe crew member
Travis Faker – Jibe crew member

Quincy Briscoe, 21
Originally from Ashland, Oregon, Quincy is a sailing instructor in Santa Barbara, California. Before joining the journey to Nicaragua, Quincy took two separate bicycling trips across the United States, one from St. Augustine, Florida to San Diego, California, the other from Anchorage, Alaska to the Mexican border. An adventurer like this deserves a spot as co-captain on this journey south.

Quincy Briscoe - Jibe crew member
Quincy Briscoe – Jibe crew member

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