VIDEO: Ireland’s Most Influential Surfer – Fergal Smith

Meet one of Ireland’s local legend, surfer, farmer, and environmentalist Fergal Smith. He is one of the most influential surfers in Europe. Fergal no longer competes on the professional circuit, but he continues to push the boundaries of surfing. His water skills are legendary but it’s his work on land that is raising his profile beyond surfing.
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Fergal is an environmentalist committed to living as sustainable as possible. In 2012, he started the Moy Community Garden, an organic farm that has attracted surfers and non surfers from around the world who have come to work in the garden and share in the harvest.
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Some people talk about changing the world but don’t ever do anything about it. Fergal, on the other hand, is determined to make the world a better place for his daughter and other Irish children …and even became a candidate of the Green Party in this year’s elections.
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Whether it’s a wave, planting an organic garden or changing the world, we admire his commitment.

Local Style's producer NamHee Han with Fergal Smith in Ireland
Local Style’s producer NamHee Han with Fergal Smith in Ireland

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