VIDEO: Local Style Surfing Ireland

Ireland.. the land of leprechauns and shamrocks… has become one of the newest frontiers in world of surfing. Word’s out, it’s got world class waves.

Watch this weeks Local Style Ireland episode as the Surf Around Ireland boys show the Local Style crew hidden gems in Ireland.

The west coast of Ireland is the first place in Europe that swell from the Atlantic driven by the Gulf stream strikes. There’s 2000 miles of relatively undeveloped coastline with a wide variety of beach and reef setups. On the emerald isle… you can find a little bit of everything for everyone from heavy slabs, to fun rollers.

shambles in Ireland
Photo by Local Style
town in ireland
Photo by Local Style

This isn’t the classic surf scene. There’s no sun bleached hair, flip flops and noses covered in zinc. Think thick wetsuits and booties. The sun rarely shines and it’s often cold and grey … But that doesn’t stop these intrepid surfers from braving the elements, getting in the water doing what they love… surf.

Reilly's in Ireland
Photo by Local Style


NamHee Han

Producer, NamHee Han, in Ireland
Producer, NamHee Han, in Ireland

Peter Clyne
Mikey Corker
Kevin Smith

Peter Clyne

Seamie O’dowd

Special thanks to Pier Head Hotel, Mullaughmore.