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Hoots and shakas are in order as we kick off one of the world’s best surf film bonanzas, in the sunny SoCal city of San Diego. Now in its third year, the annual San Diego Surf Film Festival welcomes surfers, filmmakers and everyone in the community to come celebrate the passion that we share for being in the ocean. SDSFF takes place from May 7-10th, 2014, hosted in Bird’s Surf Shed, an epic setting for movie screenings in a warehouse filled with classic surfboards and art.

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SDSFF 2014 Trailer by misfit pictures.

The 2014 SDSFF will highlight over 25 international films, dozens of filmmakers and producers in attendance, Q&As, filmmaker panel and workshops, an amazing surf art gallery, surf legends and shaping demos, beach cleanups and expression sessions, incredible live music, serendipitous live art, rad people and raging after-parties. The festival welcomes surf enthusiasts and filmmakers from around the world to come celebrate the art of surf cinema in beautiful San Diego.

Since the festival’s inception, SDSFF has anchored towards celebrating those who draw a different line in life. Much like the colorful characters of surfing’s past, the future of surf cinema will be found in the underground. They champion the independent filmmaker and their quest to capture and convey the very special feeling of being a surfer. With this in mind, SDSFF will present the finest independent surf films from around the globe.

san diego surf film festival

Screening on Thursday night is full-length film, Fading West, which follows Grammy-winning alternative-rock band Switchfoot as they travel the globe in search of new musical inspiration and perfect waves. Born and raised in Southern California, the Switchfoot family has always looked to the ocean for refreshment, cleanse and motivation. During their one year surf and tour trip, the band met up with legendary professional athletes like Rob Machado in Bali, and Tom Curren in New Zealand, to surf incredible waves and share in their love of music.

Watch an exclusive Surf Channel behind-the-scenes as bass guitarist, Tim Foreman, describes a scary situation in South Africa when his brother, Jon Foreman, breaks his surfboard in half during a giant swell in shark-infested waters.

Stoked for surf films? Check out this all-time lineup and the San Diego Surf Film Fest will fill up your popcorn bag with complimentary snacks and drinks. Filmmaker Q&A’s will follow every screening.



Wednesday, May 7th

If you’re in town and you want to get your glide, slide and ride on, come meet us down at the beach. We will be meeting in Cardiff. Everybody is invited

Nautilus Pass Holders Only

Films, art, music, food and beverages. Repeat.
Films, art, music, food and beverages. Repeat.
Relentless, it’s just like being caught in an undertow…an undertow of stoke.
The SDSFF and 2014 Art Director Skye Walker would like to welcome you to our UNDERTOW VIP PARTY to officially kick off the festival. Join us at this one night only “gallery” event featuring amazing art while you mingle amongst today’s preeminent filmmakers, surf legends and underground heroes alike.

Groove Move – dir. Jack Coleman – USA – 35 min – SD Premiere
Groove Move celebrates experimental & traditional board riders. Touching upon the soul and beauty of surfing as an artform. Shot entirely on Super 8, this is Jack Coleman’s fourth fully independent feature film.

Almost Cut My Hair – dir. Ryan Lovelace – USA – 40 min – SD Premiere
Almost Cut My Hair is a zero budget surf film containing approximately 96% pure surfing coupled with an original sound track worth listening to…The only catch is that everyone involved is riding a surfboard that I built. If you can get past that last bit, I think you’ll get a pretty killer show.

Within – dir. Darius Devas – Australia – 8 min – US Premiere

Filmmakers in attendance.

Musical stylings by The Saline Solutions.
Artists: Skye WalkerMatt BeardJoe Hodnicki and Gage Hingeley
Location: Karl Strauss Brewery Tasting Room



Thursday, May 8th

Nautilus Pass Holders Only

Serendipity – dir. Simon Lamb – Australia – 66 min – CA Premiere
Serendipity, is the great fairytale of Anthony Hussein Hinde. He found his own personal nirvana at a time when the world’s surf breaks were yet to be discovered…

The Cradle of Storms – dir. Bryce Lowe-White & Ben Weiland – USA – 26 min – SD Premiere
Alex Gray, Josh Mulcoy, and Pete Devries went on a journey through the remote Aleutian Arc of Alaska, the birthplace of storm systems that send swell back to the rest of us in civilization. Set against the stunning volcanic backdrop of the Aleutian Islands, The Cradle of Storms is cold-water surf exploration at its finest.

Not All Boards Were Meant to Ride Waves – dir. Chris Tran – USA – 2 min – SD Premiere

Filmmakers in attendance.

$15 Salties, $5 Groms

Fading West – dir. Matt Katsolis – USA – 83 min – World Premiere
Inspired by films including “Rattle and Hum” and “Endless Summer,” Fading West follows Grammy-winning alternative-rock band Switchfoot as they travel the globe in search of new musical inspiration and perfect waves.

Black Sapphire Sea – dir. Andy Miller – USA – 19 min – CA Premiere

Filmmakers in attendance.

$15 Salties, $5 Groms


Friday, May 9th

Nautilus Pass Holders Only

7 – 9pm: BLOCK 3

Tierra de Patagones – dir. Julian & Joaquin Azulay – Argentina – 72 min – SD Premiere
A six month trip by the Gauchos del Mar brothers in search of new friends, waves and stories in the region of Patagonia.

Catch It – dir. Sarah Menzies – USA – 10 min – SD Premiere

Hope and Hope More – dir. Heather Hudson – USA – 7 min – World Premiere

Filmmakers in attendance.

$15 Salties, $5 Groms

9 – 11pm: BLOCK 4 
Out in the Line-Up: Uncovering the Taboo of Homosexuality in Surfing – dir. Ian Thomson – Australia – 69 min – SD Premiere
Two gay surfers embark on a global journey to uncover the taboo of homosexuality in surfing. They become part of an emerging community prepared to step out of the shadows of secrecy and create a more open and accepting surfing culture.

Soul of a Carnation, Heart of Surf – dir. Helio Valentim – Portugal – 9 min – CA Premiere

Sea Fever – dir. Tim Davies – United Kingdom – 5 min – World Premiere

Filmmakers in attendance.

$15 Salties, $5 Groms

VIP admission with SDSFF wristband.


Saturday, May 10th

12 – 2pm: BLOCK 5

Remind Me to Forget – dir. Jeremy Asher Lynch – USA – 36 min – CA Premiere
A hypnotic journey into the subconscious of a young man unhinged from time. A mixed-media film about life and death; pain and joy; and some surfing.

Kushaya Igagasi – dir. Omelga Mthiyane – South Africa – 23 min – CA Premiere
Kushaya Igagasi, which means hitting the waves, is a documentary that tells a story of four guys – Sihle(20), Andile(19), Shorty(Xolani, 19) and Lucky(23) – who as youngsters ended up on the streets due to different reasons. They join Umthombo, a non-governmental organisation that empowers street children towards alternatives to street life.

Under Desert Sun – dir. Kevin Voegtlin – USA – 19 min – World Premiere

SeaStills – Ray Collins – dir. Chris Duczynski – Australia – 7 min – World Premiere

GPA Surf Club Fun! – dir. Dan Amaya – USA – 13 min – SD Premiere

Filmmakers in attendance.

$10 Salties, $5 Groms

We are extremely proud to announce our first SDSFF annual photography workshop and it will be spearheaded by our own hometown hero, Todd Glaser. As one of the surf industry’s leading photographers, Todd spends his time traveling the globe shooting for Surfer Magazine capturing incredible images both on land and in the ocean. Among many other accolades, Todd is the proud recipient of both the 2008 Follow The Light Foundation Grant and 2009′s Surfer Magazine Photo of the Year. Since then he has only stepped up his game.

The thing that stokes the SDSFF is that even though Todd gets to swim perfect surf spot around the world he always come back to local waters and share smiles and good times.

This event is free and open to the public. Limited to 250 guests.

4 – 6pm: BLOCK 6 
The Old, The Young & The Sea – dir. Mario Hainzl & Andreas Jaritz – Austria – 90 min – SD Premiere
The Old, the Young & the Sea embarks on an adventurous documentary trip along the Atlantic Coast of France, Spain and Portugal. The movie frames a vivid snapshot of Europe’s post-modern coastal culture, which is significantly influenced by the hippie heritage of the 1960s, modern surfing pop-industry and the vital relationship of coastal inhabitants with Mother Nature.

Fv25 – dir. Chris McClean – United Kingdom – 9 min – US Premiere

Winter – Gabriel Novis – Brazil – 9 min – World Premiere

Filmmakers in attendance.

$10 Salties, $5 Groms

6 – 8pm: BLOCK 7 
The Granite Stoke – dir. Dylan Ladds & Ryan Scura – USA – 40 min – CA Premiere
New Hampshire is not known for it’s waves, but a vibrant surfing community calls it’s 13 mile coastline home.

Good Morning Miyazaki – dir. Matt Westcott – Japan – 33 min – CA Premiere
Good Morning Miyazaki is the debut surf film from DBFilms. Driven by stunning videography and subtle narrative, the film unearths the waves, surfers, history and culturally diverse community that is the soul of the Miyazaki surf scene.

Twig: A Calculated Madness – dir. Derek Dunfee – USA – 13 min – World Premiere

Coming Up For Air – dir. Mickey Smith – United Kingdom – 5 min – US Premiere

Filmmakers in attendance.

$15 Salties, $5 Groms


Beyond The Surface – dir. Crystal Thornburg-Homcy & Dave Homcy – USA – 46 min – World Premiere
Ishita Malaviya, India’s first female surfer is joined by a unique and talented group of women – Crystal Thornburg-Homcy, Liz Clark, Lauren Hill, Emi Koch, and Kate Baldwin. With unshakeable determination for a better world they traveled through Southern India documenting the ways in which surfing, yoga, and ecological creativity are bringing hope and fueling change for local people and the Planet.

Learning to Float – dir. Brendan Calder – USA – 20 min – SD Premiere

Handcrafted: Thomas Bexon – dir. Mick Soiza – Australia – 8 min – CA Premiere

North East – dir. Mike Bromley & Adam Legere – Canada – 7 min – World Premiere

The Sunnydale Kids – dir. Adam Warmington / Micro-Documentaries – USA – 4 min – SD Premiere

Danny Daniels: A Surfers Story – dir. Marcus Macfarlane – USA – 3 min – World Premiere

Musical stylings by Sister Juanita

Filmmakers in attendance.

$15 Salties, $5 Groms

11:30pm: AFTER PARTY 
VIP admission with SDSFF wristband.



For tickets and more info, visit: San Diego Surf Film Festival

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