VIDEO: Pawa Tube Fest 2013 in Pascuales, Mexico

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The 30 second clip below is all you need to get pumped for the long overdue and well anticipated Pawa Tube Fest 2013 in legendary shore break, Pascuales. Starting Tuesday July 30th, 2013, the invitation-only event has called upon 30 of the world’s top tube riders from 8 different countries. Participating athletes include Brian Conley (San Diego, California), Rusty Long (San Clemente, USA), Nathan Hedge (Australia), Gabriel Villaran (Peru), Aritz Aramburu (Spain) and mainland Mexican legends Greg Russ, Coco Nogales, Oscar Moncada as well as local talent, 17 year old  Marcos “Chivito” Hootman.

“Really happy to be here and be a part of this event! Good vibes all around and looks like we all are going to get tubed!” -Rusty Long

Good sand bars, light offshore winds, and clear skies are expected to provide quality surf. Forecast models have also shown long periods of S/SW swells that should deliver solid 10-15 feet barrels for the start of the event.

The Pawa Tube Fest 2013 was created by both seasoned ASP judge Wade Sharp and surfer representative Rusty Long. The event will run during the best three days of the waiting period with 13 heats for 11 hours of surf. The competition format will consist of Rounds 1 & 2, Semi Finals and the Final with 6 man heats. All athletes will compete in Rounds 1 & 2 to determine ranking and qualifications.

“Feeling privileged and excited to be part of this first year. These are some real waves!”-Nathan Hedge

Pawa Tube Fest 2013

Brian Conley enjoying his time in bliss. Photo by Carlos Hernandez

The athlete’s performances and points all count towards their individual heat totals and round totals, event tally and ranking, qualification and final placing. The final placing and event champion will be determined by the athlete’s best 10 scores accumulated from each heat throughout the event.

“Stoked and honored to be on the first one! This event has all the potential for something great!”  -Ricky Whitlock

Photo by Carlos Hernandez

Marcos “Chivito” Hootman standing tall. Photo by Carlos Hernandez

Carlos Hernandez, contest director, has commented  about the long overdue competition stating “This is a dream come true. We have been developing the idea of a contest at Pascuales for years and now we finally have the opportunity to make it a reality.  I really want to thank the surfers, all our sponsors as well as our international staff for the huge support. I feel like this is just the beginning!”

Armando Perez, naming sponsor CEO also continues “Pascuales is arguably one of the heaviest and most hollow beach break in the World and is also the town where the brand has its roots”

Check out your favorite tubers with this list of invitees!


INVITEES  of the  first PAWA TUBE FEST 2013 

Brian Conley (US)

Rusty Long (US)

Ricky Whitlock (US)

Kyle Burthman (US)

Bradley Domke (US)

Greg Russ (US)

Nils Schweizer (US)

Shannon “Hopper” Eichstaedt (US)

Brett Barley (US)

Balaram Stack (US)

Diego Cadena (MEX)

Marcos Hootman (MEX)

Margaro Ramos (MEX)

Oscar Moncada (MEX)

Coco Nogales (MEX

Hector Soto (MEX)

Makua Rothman (HAW)

Kalani Chapman (HAW)

Ezra Sitt (HAW)

Koa Smith (HAW)

Nathan Hedge (AUS)

Aritz Aramburu (SPA)

Nic Von Rupp (POR)

Joao De Macedo (POR)

Gabriel Villaran  (PER)

Sebastian De Romana (PER)

Pedro Aguiar (BRA)

Diego Silva (BRA)

Alejandro Moreda (PRC)

Tommy Bursian (PRC)

PAWA Tube Fest 2013

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