Beyond Sight Movie - Blind Surfer Drops in at Pipeline

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Derek Rabelo is an inspiration to even the most experienced athletes.  As if surfing isn’t a difficult enough sport all on it’s own, could you imagine attempting it being blind?  Or how about dropping in at the infamous Pipeline not knowing the danger in front of you?  Introducing, Beyond Sight, an unbelievably inspiring film about a young man with the desire to push the limits.

Avid surfer and incredible motivator, Derek Rabelo, has proven himself as an athlete despite being born blind.  Derek has shocked over 500,000 viewers on YouTube with a video produced by Bruno Lemos after the young Brazilian dropped in at Pipeline.  Walking on Water founder and director, Bryan Jennings, has partnered with Rabelo to produce a film about his amazing story called Beyond Sight.  As the producers of the viral Bethany Hamilton film, Soul Surfer,  Walking on Water is now asking for your help to complete their production so they can share Derek’s story with the world.  They are currently hosting a kick starter campaign to help raise funding for the film, with the goal of inspiring people around the world in faith and life.  As Derek Rabelo says, “We must live by faith not by sight.”

derek rabelo, beyond sight movie, blind surfer, bethany hamilton

 Derek Rabelo, Bruno Lemos and Bryan Jennings catching up with the Surf Channel while shooting part of their new film at the Hurley Pro 2012. Photo/ Beyond Sight


Click here for more information about Beyond Sight and how you can help! 

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