Interview with Donavon Frankenreiter, Passionate Musician and Dedicated Surfer

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Donavon Frankenreiter’s cool vibes are coming to California! The Surf Channel is marking their calendars, with shows coming up in Hermosa Beach, Agoura Hills, and San Juan Capistrano.  Frankenreiter’s newest album “Start Livin” is a unique fusion of epic guitar work and intimate vocals. The simplicity of the record has a “camp fire” vibe, while still showcasing undeniable talent. Many of his tracks have to do with love, which stem from life in Hawaii with his wife and two sons. Frankenreiter’s charisma and laid back attitude shine through brightly in his new album.  Be sure to welcome the New Year with great music and chill people at one of his local shows!  He will perform live in California starting December 27th and continue through the 31st.

Hawaiian local, Donavon Frankenreiter creates surf inspired music that represents his travel and experiences.  Photo: Noah Abrams   


Frankenreiter took the time to speak with The Surf Channel in an exclusive interview as he gets ready to start his international tour.

The Surf Channel: How has surfing been a part of your life?

Donavon Frankenreiter:  I grew up in California. I started surfing pretty young and I loved it. I was lucky that I found something I was passionate about. I would be at the beach everyday. Can’t really complain.

How did you get into music?

Frankenreiter: I went on a surf trip when I was 16 with some of my friends and there was a guitar leaning against the couch. I picked it up and learned some cords. After that I started writing my own songs.

What kind of family support did you have?

Frankenreiter: Nobody from my family had ever surfed before or played music. They were surprised by it, but still really supportive.  I got my first board for Christmas when I was ten. I grew up during a time when kids were supposed to go to school full time and play football. I was lucky that my parents never pushed me to go down that path.

Music inspiration?

Frankenreiter: I listen to so many different types of music. If I find an album that I really like I can listen to it over and over again. I love Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Hendrix, Metallica,Tom Petty, Bon Iver and The Black Keys.

How is your album tour going for “Start Livin”?

“Great. I love playing these songs live. We had a fun release for this album.  Quiksilver helped us out and we were able to give out free CDs to the people who attended our summer shows.  It was cool to get the music out that way. It’s all been really exciting”.

Donavon Frankenreiter

“With its smooth showcasing of Frankenreiter’s rich, honey-thick vocals and masterful guitar work, “Start Livin’ ” bears all the intimacy of an impromptu back-porch performance and the tenderness of a treasured love letter.”  Photo: Donavon Frankenreiter

What was your goal for the new album?

Frankenreiter: I just wanted to have fun with it. I was traveling a lot when I was writing and we recorded it all live in seven days. It was a really simple process. There is more instrumentation in this album with different percussions. We dont have any drums.

You have a few shows coming up in California?

Frankenreiter: Yes, I’m really excited. I grew up in Southern California, so it’s always nice to go back. We are playing some shows at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano on New Years Eve. It is going to be fun. There will be good music and a big party. We are going to play some new songs and I have a really great opening band.

In what ways has surfing influenced your music?

Frankenreiter: I was able to travel so much with surfing and it really opened my eyes to everyone’s situation. Surfing has shown me the world and changed how I feel about life.

Favorite surf spot?

Frankenreiter: Anywhere in Hawaii, with my family.


Frankenreiter: All my boards are shaped by Hobie. I love all of them. They have some classic shapes that I tend to always go for.

What do you think about a channel dedicated to surfing and surf music?

Frankenreiter: That’s the best thing I have ever heard (laughs), all the things I love.

Frankenreiter traveled the world after being signed to Billabong at a young age.  Photo: Donavon Frankenreiter

For ticket information visit Donavon Frankenreiter’s website and be sure to check out his surf inspired album “Start Livin.”

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Louise Readett Waghorn says:

Oh yeah fab music for chillin there love xx

Toney Fitzgerald says:

Was just listening to him today!

Corinne Laidoudi says:

super, mais la tournée à Paris c'est pour quand? on vous aime ici aussi:)

Louise Readett Waghorn says:

Fabulous :)

Daniel Nish says:

Keep spreadin' the love Donavon!


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