VIDEO: Chris Cole Talks Childhood, New Documentary, & Camp Woodward
July 20, 2015

Professional skateboarder Chris Cole sat down with The Surf Channel at the Street League LA 2015 kickoff to describe his discovery of the sport as a child, and his way  

VIDEO: Surfing Barrels in New Jersey | Nub TV
July 16, 2015

Ben Gravy, Rob Kelly, Brian Coulter, and Gesler head up North from Ocean City, New Jersey to score two back-to-back swells. It’s rare that these spots get really good, so  

VIDEO: Unbelievable Tandem Surfers in Hawaii
July 16, 2015

World Champion tandem surfers Cuck Inman and Lauren Oiye share their journey to becoming the most talented tandem surfers in the world. Currently residing in Hawaii, the two met on  

Surf Film Highlights Journey through Northern California & Mexico
July 13, 2015

Action sports filmmaker Perry Gershkow is all about the adventure. And when you are talking about road tripping along the Northern California coastline and Mexico, there’s no doubt that’s exactly what you  

Live On Demand Now – The Surf Channel
July 10, 2015

Ready to watch your favorite shows and moments in surfing on the big screen? Check out which new shows The Surf Channel Television Network is featuring starting July 10th via  

VIDEO: Surfing 10ft Swell – Outerbanks, North Carolina | Nub TV
July 09, 2015

New Jersey boys, Ben Gravy, Rob Kelly, and Brett Barley, venture to the Outerbanks of North Carolina in hopes of scoring the 8-10ft swell forecasted for the area. Upon arrival,  

VIDEO: He’s From New York – Big Wave Surfer Kurt Rist on Local Style
July 08, 2015

New York isn’t where you’d expect to find one of North America’s most promising big wave surfers.  But that’s where Southhampton townie Kurt Rist learned to surf and developed his  

5 Surfing Videos You Shouldn’t Go Another Day Without Watching
July 02, 2015

With so many videos on the web today, we decided to narrow down the options for our fans to enjoy only the cream of the crop. Don’t worry about spending  

VIDEO: Ireland Local Legend, Seamus ‘Shambles’ Mc Goldrick – Local Style
June 29, 2015

In the 21st century, the land of Leprechauns and Guinness has become one of the newest frontiers amongst the sport of surfing. The rest of the world is only now  

VIDEO: Summer Time in California with Filipe Toledo, Thiago Camarao, Jesse Mendes
June 25, 2015

Filmmaker Gabriel Novis presents, ‘California Connection’, featuring Filipe Toledo, Tomas Hermes, Ian Gouveia, Thiago Camarao, Jesse Mendes, and Jake Marshall in San Diego.

Now that summer has finally returned, southern California  

VIDEO: Biggest Kook Maneuvers? Hear it from the Pros
May 26, 2015

Everyone starts from somewhere when it comes to any sport, but when that ‘somewhere’ is so obviously incorrect, it’s hard not to have a little laugh.
The kings and queens of  

VIDEO: Mark Healey- Biggest Paddle In Ever at Puerto Escondido?
May 07, 2015

With one of the largest swells to hit Puerto Escondido in at least 2 decades, the world’s bravest big wave surfers made the trek to Mainland Mexico. There, in the  


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