VIDEO: Mr. Boonman is a Barrel Magnet
January 12, 2016

Meet Mr. Boonman aka Pedro Boonman. Friends and family believe he could live the life of fame and fortune through his passions for classic cars and fashion. Pedro agrees, however  

VIDEO: Meet Surf Photographer Brigid Lally
November 24, 2015

Meet surf photographer Brigid Lally. Unlike many other surf photographers, Brigid did not discover her passion for the ocean living by the beach. She actually grew up in Manhattan and  

VIDEO: Waikiki Cruising with Crystal Dzigas
November 18, 2015

Meet Hawaiian female surfer Crystal Dzigas. She is a WSL longboard competitor, has a great outlook on the sport of surfing, her family and life. Crystal views traditional longboarding as  

VIDEO: Local Style – Ireland’s Shambles Mc Goldrick
November 16, 2015

Local Style visits Strandhill surfer and bodyboarder Shambles Mc Goldrick. While the rest of the world is just now realizing what Ireland has to offer surfers, Shambles Mc Goldrick has  

VIDEO: Pipeline Rescues
November 13, 2015

Between September and May, the North Shores’ Pipeline often becomes the breeding ground for large and unpredictable swell. Lifeguards Ian Forrester and Rob Dorr explain that Pipeline is a very  

VIDEO: HippyTree/MSA Malibu Noseriding Championship 2015
October 05, 2015

Local competitors took advantage of the late summer swell by putting their toes to the nose at the Malibu Surfing Association’s Noseriding Championship at First Point in Malibu. The competition  

VIDEO: Who’s Ready for Pipe? Raw Footage of Hawaii’s Famous Break
September 30, 2015

With the World Tour on it’s last few legs, it’s never too early to look ahead. With October just around the corner, Fall and Winter mean one thing: swells for  

Surfing Swans in Kirra, Australia Can Cure Anyone’s Monday Blues
September 21, 2015

When it comes to surfing, epic rides or wipeouts are what normally garnish the most attention. But what about when animals are caught surfing? We’ve all seen videos of dogs  

VIDEO: 24th Annual Call to the Wall | Malibu, 2015
September 17, 2015

Set at one of the most famous breaks on the west coast for longboarders, the 24th annual Call to the Wall surfing invite took place on July 18th and 19th  

SPOTLIGHT: South Africa’s Nicole Pallet on the Reality of Competitive Surfing
August 25, 2015

South Africa is a budding surf nation that already has stars in both Jordy Smith and Bianca Buitendag. With Jordy and Bianca paving the way, there is a bumper crop  

VIDEO: Winter Surfing in Montauk, New York
August 10, 2015

Last winter water was unbelievably cold in the Northeast, but gas was cheap, and the road was open. So, there was no reason New Jersey’s Graeff brothers couldn’t travel 6  

Live On Demand Now – The Surf Channel
August 10, 2015

Ready to watch your favorite shows and moments in surfing on the big screen? Check out which new shows The Surf Channel Television Network is featuring via Video On Demand  


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