VIDEO: Mark Healey- Biggest Paddle In Ever at Puerto Escondido?
May 07, 2015

With one of the largest swells to hit Puerto Escondido in at least 2 decades, the world’s bravest big wave surfers made the trek to Mainland Mexico. There, in the  

EXPOSURE: North Shore Photographer Brooke Dombroski
April 20, 2015

Born and raised on the island of Oahu, photographer Brooke Dombroski began shooting stills at just 11-years-old with a chunky film camera. Today, her career is dedicated to capturing the  

Top 10 Most Viewed Videos on The Surf Channel YouTube
April 15, 2015

With over 300 videos published to date, it’s difficult to decide which 10 videos define the essence of The Surf Channel Television Network the best. In this case, we are  

VIDEO: California Connection | Filipe Toledo & Adriano de Souza
April 09, 2015

San Clemente is one of Southern California’s most surf centered places to live and has recruited surfers from around the world to it’s sleepy town. With trestles, the pier, T-street,  

VIDEO: Fear Creates Focus | Big Wave Surfer Trevor Carlson
April 01, 2015

“Big wave surfing teaches you to embrace fear. Fear creates focus. I live for this focus. To be present in every moment of my life.” -Trevor Carlson
Since 2008, Trevor Carlson  

VIDEO: Worst Wipeouts! Big Wave Surfing- Chile 2013
March 11, 2015

Named one of the best left point breaks in Chile, Punta de Lobos is known for monster swells bringing in the best big wave surfers from all around the world.  

Live On Demand Now – The Surf Channel
March 09, 2015

Ready to watch your favorite shows and moments in surfing on the big screen? Check out which shows The Surf Channel is featuring starting March 10th via Video On Demand  

EXPOSURE: Surf Filmmaker, Travis Kuhlman
February 25, 2015

“My greatest accomplishment is just hearing that people enjoy my photos and my videos. I still remember the first time I started hearing that.”- Travis Kuhlman
It wasn’t until early high  

VIDEO: Worst Wipeouts! Big Wave World Tour- Chile 2011
February 23, 2015

Both frigid and frightening, big wave surfing in Chile isn’t for the faint of heart. Unlike Jaws and Teahupoo that boast crystal blue, bath-like water in their treacherous lineups, Chile  

Best of Indonesia: Local Style
February 19, 2015

Explore the world’s top surf destinations in “LOCAL STYLE,” an original series on The Surf Channel featuring the premiere waves in Indonesia, as the first of several eco travel destinations.  

VIDEO: Hawaiian Ladyslider, Crystal Dzigas
February 18, 2015

“I have the perfect life. I have my family, I go surfing. I’m doing what I love, I’m where I love. I can’t imagine life any better.”- Crystal Dzigas
Professional longboarder  

8 Year Old Grom Fights Cancer: Off the Lip Radio Show
February 17, 2015

On tonight’s LIVE Off the Lip Radio Show, 8-year-old Hayden Jilka will be the honorary guest. The young grom is currently undergoing cancer treatments, and is in need of lots  


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