VIDEO: Timmy Hazelip and The Malibu Under Dogs

The Surf Channel caught up with local Malibu legend, Timmy Hazelip. Timmy grew up in Pasadena, California and first started surfing Malibu at the age of 13-years-old. Once his feet hit the sand, he never looked back. Timmy explains learning to surf, almost as a journey or a marathon, rather than a race. It’s about the bumps and failures along the way, that make the result taste so sweet.

Timmy Hazelip bases his lifestyle and morals on his upbringing. His family was notorious for taking in foster children, which taught him compassion, patience, and grace at a young age. His father was also a huge influence on his life, directing Timmy to always look out for the underdog and do the right thing.

Timmy carried on the family legacy with his Malibu Under Dogs Foundation. The Malibu Underdogs are a group of Malibu legends, including big names like Allen Sarlo, who donate their time to teach children with special needs to surf. These respectable locals take pride in their home break and bring their soul and style to this unique charity. Timmy believes that sharing and caring are not only priceless, but contagious. Ultimately, Timmy and his foundation focus on creating memories and instilling happiness through surfing, things that money can’t buy.
The Malibu Underdogs - Timmy Hazelip