VIDEO: Dark Waves by Sven Dreesbach

Dark Waves, not to be mistaken with Dark Tide (that Cape Town shark film featuring actress Halle Barry), is another one of filmmaker, Sven Dreesbach’s, masterpieces. Sven’s artistic eye has encapsulated many and attracts countless viewers to the wonders of the ocean, whether they are experienced watermen or simply coast deprived. Dark Waves is the sequel to his first surf film This Moment, shot entirely on an iPhone.
Dark Waves by Sven Dreesbach
Dark Waves by Sven Dreesbach
Dark Waves by Sven Dreesbach

When Sven Dreesbach first released The Moment, we caught up with the filmmaker and asked him a couple questions regarding his passion, his unique process, and his plans for the future.

What draws you to shooting in the ocean?

Apart from the ocean being a great exercising ground for photography and filmmaking it’s maybe also the fact that sometimes I just rather watch/shoot my friends, instead of going surfing myself. I am not implying that I am a chicken, but I just know where my limits are in surfing. Sometimes I get torn between taking my board or my camera, in the end it’s always a phenomenal world out there in the lineup or along the shore, no matter what decision I ended up making.

How did you come up with the idea for This Moment and Dark Waves?

My friend Robert Koch aka Robot Koch had approached me a while ago and had me listen into this song which would appear on his soon to be released album Hypermoments (Monkeytown Records). Dark Waves was the perfect fit to get back into this surreal world which I had established with my proof of concept short film Willow Creek a year earlier. Stylistically I knew I wanted to go into a similar direction with Dark Waves. This Moment on the other hand happened more or less on the side lines. I knew I would be shooting a ton of footage and wanted to make use of the extra time we had on location to create something less surreal and dark than Dark Waves, but still maintain a pinch of poetry in its pacing. That’s also one reason why both projects were shot in 120 fps all the way.

Why shoot these films on an iPhone?

It was just the most flexible solution apart from the fact, that we had a very tight budget to play with. Renting a professional camera for those 5 days would have already cost more than the low-end path that we took. This way I was also able to get back in the water any time after the principal shoot was over in order to get some pickup shots.

What is your next project? Will it also be on an iPhone?

There are a few projects on the horizon and for a few of them, shooting with the iPhone will be a good option. Unfortunately I can’t get into more detail, I can only say that surfing might not be a part of my next project. Still, I can’t wait to get back into the water with a camera. I am happy my board will have to do for the time being.

Film Credits:

Sven Dreesbach
Robert Koch
Delhia de France

If you missed Sven Dreesbach first iPhone installment, The Moment, be sure to check it out here!