Update: Huge Storm Swell Hit Mavericks this Week

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“The week of the peak” some call it – five days of beautiful surf at Mavericks.  It was this same week back in 1994 that the infamous Mavericks surf break was determined a world-class wave.  On Monday, December 19, 1994 at 8:30am, a huge swell hit half moon bay where some of the best surfers in the world charged the icy big waves that Mavericks pumped through for five days straight.  It was this same week that the 16- year old Santa Cruz local, Jay Moriarty, launched himself over the ledge of a massive wave and into the history books with one of the worst wipeouts in surfing history.  Despite the seemingly traumatizing fall, Moriarity went back to the boat after braking his board and grabbed another to surf the rest of the week.  The life story of this big wave technician is portrayed in the recent film, Chasing Mavericks


Surfers charging Mavericks, California

Mavericks is known for huge, icy cold swells. Photo: Steve Jurvetson



For five days, Mavericks saw waves from 15 to 40 feet with epic conditions and surfers taking on the challenge as if they were the first to walk on the moon.  Hawaiian big wave charger, Mark Foo, fell dropping into the bowl only to be found hours later floating lifeless near the harbor entrance to end the week on December 23rd


Now, just 18 years later this very same week, Mavericks is experiencing nothing but storms.  Larger swells are showing up along with the wind and rain.  Some of the Mavericks Invitational surfers and other big wave riders have been seeking out spots with much lighter wind to score big waves on the edge of these wild storms.    


Mavericks swell looks stormy!

The swell at Mavericks has officially hit and it looks stormy! Photo: Powerlines Productions



Keep checking back here at TheSurfChannel.com for regular updates about the Mavericks Invitational that could very well happen within the next few weeks.  The swell is increasing and big wave dare devils are more than ready to take on Maverick’s wrath. 

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