New York Film Academy Produces Documentary on California Surf Co.

This week the New York Film Academy released “All In,” an inside look at the humble beginnings of the Malibu-based surf brand California Surf Co. Director Tim Courtney follows around Mark Stansbury, the Founder & CEO as he tries to find balance between surfing and building a surf brand. It also highlights the emotional highs and financial lows of the company’s first year in business.

Stansbury quit his cushy corporate job in LA to build his own surf brand in 2017. By investing everything he had, he was able to launch California Surf Co. without outside funding. In fact, he’s refused investment several times to ensure quality and artistic control. He runs his startup out of his house to keep costs low, but sells product online through his website, pop-ups, surfing contests, and retail stores.

“My intent isn’t to build a massive surf company to push profits. Of course I want to grow, but it’s more so about being a model of good in the surf industry,” stated Mark Stansbury, Founder & CEO of California Surf Co. “By giving back to the community and implementing eco-friendly, socially responsible manufacturing, we’re challenging the rest of the surf world to do the same.”

The film also features some in-depth interviews with Mark’s closest friends to see their reaction to his company. Many were concerned with his approach of jumping in head-first, but a viral social media presence and consistent sales growth have allowed the brand to thrive in the marketplace.

“Knowing Mark for quite some time, I knew he had an incredible passion for surfing,” said Tim Courtney, Writer & Director of All In. “He inspired me to make this film because I know so many people who dream of starting a surf brand. But Mark was the only one bold enough to actually do it.”

California Surf Co. has also partnered with Stoked.org, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping inner-city kids go on surf, skate, and snowboard trips. For every garment sold through casurfcompany.com, a shirt is donated to a kid in the Stoked program. To date, California Surf Co. has been able to donate over 500 total shirts.

To learn more about California Surf Co. and how they’re continuing to progress in the surf industry, check out casurfcompany.com.