Tom Lowe Wipes Out in Big Surf at Nazaré, Portugal

There are a handful of moments when you’re surfing that remind you how fragile humans are. Our list includes;

  1. Hesitation – Humans are imperfect and react when scared. In the water before taking off, you are faced with three options; go, stay or hesitate. Hesitation is your worst enemy.
  2. Being caught off guard (this can mean a number of things). Being aware of you’re surroundings is key, but those unpredictable sets out the back aren’t always anticipated. Be aware of the rising or falling tide, other surfers, or if you are in a situation that seems dangerous etc.
  3. Lastly, after you bail big wave surfing. There isn’t much of a science to this. It’s more of…. can you take a beating?

In this raw footage, we see Tom Lowe taking a beating after he bails on a Nazaré beast while big wave surfing. The photographers on the cliffside frantically search for Tom to surface and can only hope he makes it out unscathed.


Video Courtesy of Pedro Miranda

Instagram: @perdomiranda