Kaleigh Gilchrist Strives To Compete in Both Water Polo and Surfing in Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Our host Morgan Spadone aka @surfwithspadone aka Spadoney sits down with Kaleigh Gilchrist – former Olympic Waterpolo player that dropped polo to pursue surfing in the 2020 Olympics, has now returned back to water polo and plans to dominate both sports!

What a wild water woman. To be capable of training for two very different sports all centered around her passions – the water.

Gilchrist was an incredibly successful surfer, and still holds many records through the WSL has returned to her stomping ground and is ready to get a tase of the action. Back in 2010, she surfed the USA Surfing Championships against top tier CT competitors Courtney Conlgoue and Lakey Peterson and won!

Gilchrist is ready to take on the challenge as these athletes have gotten much bigger and better in the last 8 years! We welcome her back into the competitive world of surfing with open arms and can’t wait to see what she does!