Returning to the Sea | Think Bigger Episode 2

I had to stay out the water for around 6 weeks after my Nazare wipeout. Returning into the freezing Atlantic ocean in the middle of February had never felt so nice! Stuffing a cut up camping roll mat down my wetsuit provided a little more cushion for my still tender ribs. Away I went, first into the Valentines memorial contest competing against a lot of good friends… A little set back with a tweaked back the week after the valentines event left me needing to lick my wounds a little longer… A quick fix for anyone is when your friend/board shaper calls you up and says let’s go board testing at Super tubes, the trips on me! This episode concludes at the English nationals held at the end of April. Surfing my way to a 3rd place finish left me fairly content, i’d bounced back from the Nazare wipeout and had plenty of fun along the way! Enjoy episode 2 of Think Bigger.

Filming and editing: Danya Schwertfeger

Contributing Filmers: Anthony Butler – Mr B Productions, Ben Jones @ Toy Factory Surfboards, Drone footage by Maquina Voadora Producoes

Starting Thumbnail: Image Dan Sedgwick
Music from: Epidemic sound