Wave of the Winter – A Surf Film By O’Neill

Every winter, the entire surf world stops what they are doing and focuses on the one break…. the North Shore of Oahu.

This relentlessly powerful wave is one of the most critically acclaimed and one of the most popular waves to date. During the winter season, some of the craziest, most intense rides go down at Pipeline, Backdoor, and Off-the-Wall.

All we can say is THANK GOD for surfers and surf photographers that capture the magic and share it with the rest of us that aren’t able to book a flight and drive up the island in time for the winter season.

The film Wave of the Winter by O’Neill presented by Surfline, tells the story of this past years winter swell (2016-2017). It focuses on four main Pipe swells – early November, Christmas Day, January’s Da Hui Backdoor Shootout and a swell February –

Wave of a Winter chronicles the season’s most extraordinary waves.