Mega Semadhi’s Victory at Padang Padang

Ripcurl hosted their 2016 Padang Padang Cup this past week and is known as the home of the world’s best tube rides. Watching the world’s best waves break naturally may be difficult to fathom (we’ve become so accustomed to seeing the perfect wave in a wave pool), but trust us when we say, this wave is darn near perfect.

The Padang Padang Cup was broken up into two rounds, a semi, and a 4-man final. Bali icon Mega Semadhi stepped it up and won the final with a 19.0, close to perfect score. One of his first waves was awarded a 9.0 then followed that score up with a perfect 10!

Mega’s perfect ride was something out of a free surf session. A gem like this seems to happen every once in awhile, and Mega was lucky enough to score it in front of a crowd of cheering fans! He dropped into a perfect left hander as it slowly peeled down the line and spat him out at the end. A Padang Padang Cup to remember!