Exposure on Surf Photographer Branden Aroyan

Professional photographer Branden Aroyan first discovered surfing in the 60’s. He paddled out at Third Point, Malibu with a couple of his buddies and quickly found his groove. In a whirlwind, he was addicted to the ocean.

He acquired his first camera at a young age and practiced taking photos on family trips. It started as an innocent hobby, fumbling with the setting, and later developed into a full fledged process.

Branden filmed surfers on the beach with large camera lenses for awhile, until he took the plunge and switched to a waterhousing. That waterhouse was a game changer for Branden. He believed that one of the greatest things about the ability to take his camera in the water, was to film from a surfers perspective, and better yet, get it on film to share with the world!