Elizabeth Pepin Silva Helped Pioneer Women’s Surfing

The Surf Channel gets up close and personal with professional surf photographer and filmmaker, Elizabeth Pepin Silva.

Unlike many other photographers that chase pro surfers on the world tour to climb the social branches of the industry, Elizabeth enjoys photographing regular women surfing. This ranges from women in their 30’s that have children, manage their household, and somehow make the time to surf on a regular basis. To her, these are the modern day superheroes.

At the start of her career, she focused predominately on women surfers as her subject because she felt that the industry was still stuck on sexualizing women, while the men were out in the water surfing. Elizabeth felt as if women that were stuck on the beach, modeling with a board, rather than in the water, was a missed opportunity. Therefore, she really wanted to encapsulate what these women were capable of IN the water, as athletes.

Once she found her niche, Elizabeth’s career blossomed.