Crystal Dzigas: Living the Dream

Crystal Dzigas has the life we can only dream of. (At least I can only dream of) A pioneer in female longboarding, Dzigas travels the world with her fiancé, professional surfer Anthony Walsh, and her son. In fact, she was recently runner-up in the 2015 Jeep Longboarding Championship in China, where she showcased her skills in front of the world.

Dzigas, a native Hawaiian, spends most of her time surfing the north and south shore of Oahu. The serene and easy-going atmosphere, parallels perfectly with her relaxed and altruistic personality.

“I’m really inspired by other surfers in the water that are just having fun. It doesn’t matter their skill level, as long as they’re having fun, got a smile on their face, and a positive attitude. Because that’s what I’m all about.” – Crystal Dzigas

Learn more about Crystal Dzigas in the video above, as she gives an inside look of both her life and her own piece of Eden, otherwise known as Hawaii.

Warning: video may result in extreme envy.