Professional Tandem Surf Team from Southern California

Ahlia Hoffman and Travis Long are a professional tandem surf team out of Southern California. This dynamic duo met out of chance when a mutual friend introduced the two and the rest is history. Both came from completely different backgrounds, yet the sport of tandem surfing brought the two together. They immediately became tandem partners upon introduction and have been pushing each other competitively ever since.

Both Ahlia and Travis share tandem surfing as a hobby and passion, and eventually would like to take it to the next level. Currently, competing is all out of pocket but once the two continue to excel and network in the sport, they will be unstoppable!

Interestingly enough, we asked the duo when they started tandem surfing and Travis’ answer blew us away. To him, solo surfing is solely his skill against everyone else in the line up. Whereas, tandem surfing brings more of the team aspect to the sport. He feels that having a tandem partner when surfing encourages that team spirit and comradery, because someone is reliant upon him. This makes tandem surfing more engaging to Travis.

Ahlia and Travis prepare for their surf session with gym and beach workouts. They practice lifts, moves, yoga, and are constantly practicing to improve their form and style. This hard working team is reaching for the stars, and with their new partnership with GoPro, it looks like the sky is the limit!