Professional Surfers Test Kelly’s Wave Pool

The introduction to Kelly Slater’s infamous wave pool at the beginning of the year was all the rage! Kelly worked with a handful of developers to create the world’s perfect break.

Now for the first time ever (to the public’s knowledge), Kelly Slater is allowing his fellow surf friends to test out his masterpiece. Kelly Slater Wave Company’s instagram is releasing footage of each and every one of his friends riding the wave with the hashtag #Thanks captioned. Professional surfers like Carissa Moore, Stephanie Gilmore, Kanoa Igarashi, Wingnut, Nat Young, Josh Kerr, and a handful of groms have already surfed the wave and have had similar things to say about it. IT IS AMAZING. Almost every surfer has claimed that it is absolutely unreal. Not only is the break perfect, but you can sit comfortably in a barrel for minutes.

Can’t wait for the location to go public (if it ever does)! Congratulations Kelly!