VIDEO: The Real Bay Watch – Waimea Bay Lifeguards

Waimea Bay is notorious for its massive waves during the winter months, however in the summer, this break can be a completely different story. State Beach Lifeguards inform us that during the summer months, Waimea can be as flat as a lake, which often attracts swimmers and tourists. That, and the water is seemingly crystal clear.

Interestingly enough, the majority of the incidents that occur at Waimea Bay are not in the 20 ft massive surf, but in the shorebreaks. This is because, for the most part, only experienced surfers end up paddling out at Waimea when it is going off. Those that aren’t as experienced, stay on the inside and can end up can running into trouble with the shorebreak.

These lifeguards have seen and done it all. Whether it be inshore or offshore rescues ranging from; surfers, to boats in distress and even scuba divers that have drifted 2 miles away from shore.

Watch as the real bay watch crew, the State Beach Lifeguards of Waimea Bay, protect and monitor the bay.