VIDEO: Dangerous Shorebreak Rescues, Sandy Beach Lifeguards

Sandy Beach aka Break Neck Beach, can be a recipe for disaster for those that are inexperienced or unfamiliar with the beach’s conditions. One of the key components that makes this beach so dangerous, is that its appearance can be deceiving. One minute the ocean is calm, and the next, monster shorebreaks roll in. Additionally, more often times than not, beach-goers will also underestimate the power of this shorebreak. Therefore, those that are unaware that Sandy Beach is capable of doubling and even tripling up, can run into trouble quickly.

In this Surf Channel exclusive, the State Beach Lifeguards of Sandy Beach educate us on their protocol for ocean safety and prevention.

To give you an example of how dangerous this break actually is, Sandy’s has recorded more broken necks and backs than any other beach in the nation. The State Beach Lifeguards even have multiple backboards incase there are numerous disasters at once, which evidently has happened before.

State Beach Lifeguards explain, “Sandy’s is not a beach you start off at, usually you start off at other beaches, then work your way up to this break, nobody just shows up straight at Sandy’s”.