VIDEO: Josh Redman’s Accident at Dungeons

Josh Redman’s first introduction to surfing Dungeons was a pretty gnarly experience. He first took on the heavy break at the age of 14-years-old for a Redbull Big Wave event. John was accompanied by a bit of an older crew, so the guys were stoking on the fact that a grom had the huevos to take on Dungeons.

Josh took off, rode down the face, and bailed. He wasn’t quite sure if it was because someone had taken off in front of him or if he was just intimidated. All he knew, was that he was in trouble. John thrashed underwater and suddenly felt his fin hit him in the back of the head.

After the beating, Josh paddled back to the boat where the older guys rushed to his aid to assess the damage. Turns out, the fin had sliced his scalp to the point where you could see his skull. Josh Redman was one tough 14-year-old!

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