VIDEO: Summer Salad // Encinitas Girls Shred

Southern California filmmaker Hayley Gordon perfectly captures the essence of summer through her newly released surf and skate video titled, “Summer Salad.” The video features local Encinitas girls ripping on their board of choice, in both the water and on land, including pro skateboarders Mimi Knoop and Orne Pellizzari.

Hayley flawlessly blends together the lifestyles of surfing and skating in a whirlwind of memorable summer moments. These girls are definitely a reminder that Cali girls rip.


Skaters // Miss Teen Massachusetts (Magic Man Remix)


Taylor Beatty
Sara Taylor
Jenna Balester
Amy Caron
Vanessa Torres
Erin Ashley (Worm)
Ornella Pellizzari
Alex White
Kristin Ebeling
Shari White
Ashley Rehfeld
Nora Vasconcellos
Mimi Knoop


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