VIDEO: Humpback & Killer Whale Feeding Frenzy

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The marine life in Monterey Bay, California has been putting on quite a show for locals and visitors near Moss Landing and Carmel. Humpback whales, hundreds of sea lions, and about 20 killer whales have been swarming the surface in Northern California on the hunt for food. As the many sea lions swim around for anchovies to eat, the killer whales follow after in an extremely unusually number. Biologists and fishers are both astounded by the pure number of large marine life that have shown up from Big Surf to Santa Cruz for, what media outlets are calling, a “feeding frenzy.”

Humback Whales in Monterey Bay:

killer whales, humpback whales

An unusual number of whales and sea lions have been surfacing together to eat anchovies and now even orca whales are popping up. Watch this video on KSBW8.

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