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The high swell advisory in Hawai’i commenced Tuesday evening, as the North Shore of Oahu saw huge surf too messy for the Vans Triple Crown to begin, calling a lay day for the contest. Several big wave surfers saw a prime opportunity to score at Maui, island hopping for a chance to surf massive Jaws, Pe’ahi, with wave faces some were calling 40 ft+. Greg Long (USA), Mark Healey (HAW), Ian Walsh (HAW), Peter Mel (USA) and Isaac Stant (HAW) were a few of the experts out in the lineup. Check out the photo gallery below to see what these guys were facing on November 13th, 2013.

Jaws, peahi, maui

Greg Long caught on the inside at Jaws, Peahi. Nov 13 2013. Photo: @acl_cinema

“#DeepBreaths #WishIHadAJetSkiAboutNow…” Greg Long posted, Xpreshon Big Wave World Tour Champion.

“Yesterday was the heaviest jaws paddle session I have been a part of,” stated Greg Long, Xpreshon Big Wave World Tour Champion. “Raw 20ft sets with rogue 25-30ft bombs. When paddling out there it is not a matter of if, but rather when you will get caught inside. My board next to me is 10’6″. Happy to be home safe and to have shared such a wild day with a few of my best friends and true inspirations in my life.”

jaws, peahi, maui

Ian Walsh wouldn’t miss a swell this big at Jaws, Peahi. Nov. 13, 2013. Photo: @acl_cinema | @tkleboe

“24 hour tornado!” Ian Walsh posted on Wednesday. “Flew to Oahu for the start of the Triple Crown last night, and as the contest was called off this morning, I made to the airport for a last minute flight back to Maui to be welcomed by massive Jaws and an insane crew. A few sunburnt hours later, and I am back on the plane flying to Oahu for the contest tomorrow morning. Zzzzz…”

jaws, peahi, maui

Happy to report that Isaac Stant survived this massive beating at Pe’ahi. Photo: Fish Bowl Diaries

jaws, peahi, maui

Born and raised in Maui, Stant survives tough wipeouts like this through intense training at Upcountry CrossFit. Photo: @isaacstant Instagram

“Scratching over the first one only to get the second one on the head,” Stant stated on Instagram about the intense wipeout at Jaws. Follow him @isaacstant.

jaws, peahi, maui

Mark Healey on a bomb during the first big swell of the winter. Photo: Fish Bowl Diaries | @amorphia

“I hadn’t surfed in a couple weeks because of a back injury, and this was my first wave back! Took awhile to stop beating around the bush and man up on one. That place is so damn intimidating to paddle at that size!” Healey posted. Follow his Instagram @donkeyshow.

jaws, peahi, maui

Shane Dorian’s 10ft surfboard and to the left, Peter Mel. Photo: Fish Bowl Diaries | @amorphia

“A couple of dicey moments yesterday,” Shane Dorian posted. “At Jaws, if you’re not getting caught inside, you’re not trying hard enough.” Follow him @shanedorian.

jaws, peahi, maui

Shane Dorian taking on yet another massive swell. Photo: Fish Bowl Diaries | @amorphia

Owner and athlete at SKULLBASE, Ahanu Tson-Dru, taking on one heavy beast. Photo: @acl_cinema Instagram

“Yesterday was the scariest Jaws session I’ve ever had,” stated Ahanu Tson-Dru, Owner of SKULLBASE. “I managed to make this drop and it’s by far the biggest wave I’ve had the privilege of paddling into. Only a few of us were out, and I’m so thankful we all made it home safe. The crew was charging some heavy ones.”


Cinemotographer, Elliot Leboe, was on the scene yesterday capturing the best of the action. Check out his instagram @acl_cinema for more amazing shots! 


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