Rincon Classic Crowns Conner Coffin as King and Demi Boelsterli as Queen of the Coast

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After a special two week extension granted by California State Parks to the eight week waiting period, the anticipated 30th Annual Rincon Classic was completed over the weekend as local athletes slashed, boosted and hacked at the 3-4ft surf.  Despite teasing wind chop and high tide, the Santa Barbara community came to support in full force to cheer on the talented town of surfers. Hurley’s Conner Coffin took first in the Men’s Pro Division, and J7 Surfboards‘ Demi Boelsterli took home her 9th Classic title in the women’s division. She’s won so many times that she can’t even count her championship wins at Rincon.


At the awards ceremony, both winners expressed their gratitute towards contest director, Chris Keet of Surf Happens, acknowledging the importance of local events like this one to get them where they are today in their professional careers.



Conner Coffin at the Rincon Classic 2013

Hurley’s Conner Coffin took home first place despite the challenging 360 airs and power hacks his fellow competitors threw down during the final heat. Photo: Surf Channel/ Emily Bates


Rincon Classic 2013 Demi Boelsterli

Demi Boelsterli took home her 9th Rincon Classic title win this weekend, making the wind chopped, uneven surf look amazing. Photo: Surf Channel/ Emily Bates



Rincon Classic 2013 Abby Brown

Abby Brown shredded her way into the finals, taking home her first Rincon Classic title win. Photo: Surf Channel/ Emily Bates


Pat Curren at the Rincon Classic 2013

Pat Curren snuck in a beautiful carve during the Junior Division finals. Photo: Surf Channel/ Emily Bates



Demi Boelsterli at the Rincon Classic 2013

Demi Boelsterli shredding a part the messy Rincon conditions during her final heat of the day. Photo: Surf Channel/ Emily Bates



Jeff Belzer walking the nose in style during the Longboard Division finals. Photo: Surf Channel/ Emily Bates


Killian Garland Rincon Classic 2013

Killian Garland looked like this most of his heat as he threw multiple airs in an attempt to take home the cash prize in the Pro Division finals. Photo: Surf Channel/ Emily Bates 


Mike McCabe at the Rincon Classic 2013

Mike McCabe fought an intense battle against Coffin in the finals. Photo: Surf Channel/ Emily Bates



Groms stoked from the Rincon Classic 2013.

Tommy Mckeown holds up his lazer carved ukulele as the first place winner in the Gremlin Division at the awards ceremony. Photo: Surf Channel/ Emily Bates


Abby Brown at the  Rincon Classic Awards Ceremony.

Abby Brown sits high in her champion air chair after the announcement of her first place win in the Wahine Division. Photo: Surf Channel/ Emily Bates


Gabe Venturelli at the Rincon Classic 2013 Awards Ceremony.

Gabe Venturelli holds up his prize money for accumulating the highest wave score with a perfect ten. Photo: Surf Channel/ Emily Bates


Conner Coffin speaks at the Rincon Classic Awards Ceremony

Conner Coffin gave a heart-warming speech after accepting his first place prize money at the Rincon Classic awards ceremony saying, “Without growing up with the Rincon Classic event, I wouldn’t be at the level I am today.” Photo: Surf Channel/ Emily Bates


2013 Quiksilver Rincon Classic Presented by Channel Islands Surfboards

Dedicated to Daisy Love Merrick.


Rincon Classic Pro / Am


Professional Division

1. Conner Coffin

2. Mike McCabe

3.Kilian Garland

4. Pete Mussio


Most Inspirational Performance

1. Andres Barbieri


 Gremlins 11 and under

1.  Tommy Mckeown  12.34

2. Zane Booth 12.07

3. Jabe Sweirkocki 10.70

4. Kaden Tsuji 9.34

5. Fisher Devoe 3.23

6. Gavin Eason 3.07


Boys 12-14

1. Josiah Amico 14.77

2. Micky Clarke 13.26

3. Peter Healey 12.53

4. Jeff Knell 10.43

5. Henry Hepp 10.00

6. Jace Kennedy 4.57


Juniors 15-17

1. Pat Curren 14.20 (countback)

2. Vinny Leonelli 14.20

3. Charlie Fawcett 12.53

4. Micky Clarke 11.50

5. Jason Knell 8.64

6. Bronson Wheelen 6.33


Wahines 17 & under

1.  Abby Brown 11.23

2. Jesse Ransone 7.60 

3. Alana Moore 5.20

4. Poppy Brittingham 5.20

5. Zoe Luna 5.07

6. Olivia Siemens 2.63



1. Demi Boelsterli 12.77 

2. Catherine Clark 9.44 

3. Sierra Partridge 6.47

4. Abby Brown 6.14

5. Poppy Brittingham 4.36

6. Lisa Wynn Luna 4.10



1. Cole Robbins 16.83

2. Jeff Belzer 12.93

3. Evan Trauntvein 11.56

4. Oliver Parker 10.90

5. J.P. Garcia 9.53 

6. tony DeGroot



1. Simon Murdoch 13.40

2. Colin Schildhauer 11.74

3. Javier Moreno 9.27

4. Sean O’toole 8.94

5. Matt Maheri 7.96

6. Adam Lambert 6.07



1.  Aaron Smith 13.83 

2. Gabe Ventrelli 13.33 

3.  Ian O’neill 12.84

4. Max Cail 11.24

5. Josh Pomer 10.56

6. Kas Alves 6.40


Grand Masters

1. Tony Degroot 14.26

2. Churck Graham 11.00

3. Dave Johnson 9.90

4. Tony Luna 9.76

5.  Craig Jennings 7.03 

6. Steve Reichel 6.73 



1. Kit Cossart 10.50

2. Andy Neumann 7.40

3. L. Paul Mann 7.37

4. Dave Johnson 7.30

5. Bruce Hosmer 4.50 

6. Tom Mckeown 2.93

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Mike Davis says:

Abby…Sweet win congrats to her and her family, it runs in the family!

Hi Emily,
Can I see all of your shots from the Classic?
Debbie Shaw Booth.


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