Huge Swell Headed for North America.. Will the Mavericks Battle Begin?

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Attention California surfers: a large red blob on the swell charts is headed straight for the west coast of North America.  Get ready for some severe weather alerts and of course huge waves!  Forecasters are expecting the swell to hit sometime around the winter solstice (and potential end of the world) between December 19-21, as two large swells are also looking to overlap. This first swell event and the one to follow, could be big enough for one of the largest waves on the west coast of California to show of it’s infamous power.  Mavericks, located in Half Moon Bay on the northern coast of California, has received a tremendous amount of publicity in recent months with the release of  “Chasing Mavericks”, a full on Hollywood feature film portraying the life of big-wave rider Jay Moriarty and his quest to ride some of the biggest beasts the ocean can create.  


Huge swell coming to California with another even bigger one on the way!  Photo: Storm Surfing



The 2012 Mavericks Invitational presented by GoPro, began it’s waiting period November 9th and runs through March 31st.  With massive swell predictions, it’s very possible that this prestigious event will take place within the next couple of weeks.  This will give contest organizers ample time to choose the largest, cleanest and most contestable swell for this unique competition.  The arena for this competition is one that not just any surfer wants to compete in, with weather conditions less than ideal.  Riding big waves in freezing cold water is a whole different ball game than riding large Peahi, Jaws in board shorts and a vest in Hawaii.  Big wave riders here in California are layered with neoprene while surfing in the dead of winter in northern California.  




Big names such as Shane Dorian, Nathan Fletcher, Mark Healey and the Long brothers are entered to compete in this inspiring competition that showcases the surfers’ skill and courage to ride waves that only a select few dare to conquer.


Nathan Fletcher wins the ride of the year award at Billabong XXL Big wave awards

Nathan Fletcher, winner of the Billabong XXL Ride of the Year 2012, will be one of the big wave dare devils to challenge Mavericks’ merciless swell. Photo: Surf Channel/ Vince Marin



All surfers up and down the west coast of North America will get a dose of waves from this swell so get out there, put on those full suits and let winter begin! 


Get to know big wave charger, Greg Long, in the video below! Both Long brothers  will be competing at the Mavericks Invitational when if goes off.


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Lauren is a local Southern California surfer who works full-time as a Biology Lab Tech with LA County Sanitation Districts. She enjoys traveling the world in search of waves.

Walker Lewis says:

Surfline, Magicseaweed, and basically everyone but Stormsurf always run "hot" in their long term outlooks… but even if they're over predicting… the purple blobs are coming. at least 1-2 before xmas and another around new years.

Weston Call says:

Run it on Thursday!

John, can you send me an update when you think it might hit HB….I want to try out my new GoPrp 3 set to the new High Res setting……..

Seth Migdail says:

The organizers already announced that they won't be holding the event before the new year. Black out dates through the holidays. Free Surf!

John Jefferson says:

The waiting is over?


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