Red Bull Invites Big Wave Charger Jeff Rowley to Mysterious Jaws Invitational

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Red Bull has personally invited Australian big wave charder, Jeff Rowley, to the sacred Red Bull Jaws Invitational event, Paddle-in at Peahi in Maui, Hawaii.  Rowley has been recognized as one of the 21 best surfers in the world that have been asked to compete in the event.  For weeks, there have been rumors of the mysterious event and Red Bull delivered the special invite to Rowley in style.  


“I’ve never felt more ready and nothing has ever felt more right for me; I can’t wait,”.Rowley said. Photo: Minnie Vuong



Jaws is well known for having some of the largest and most ferocious waves on the planet, fit for only the best of athletes with not only the strength and ability to conquer massive waves, but the mindset of a true charger.  The Peahi reef could host 20-30 foot Hawaiian scale waves for the event if conditions cooperate.  Other hand picked invitees for the event will include: John Florence, Shane DorianGreg Long and Kala Alexander with more to be announced.  Red Bull has given very little information about the exclusive event but they do intimidate the competitors by letting them know there will be no jet ski assist to tow the surfers in.  


“It’s like I’ve been hand-picked as an astronaut for a mission to another planet and nobody’s sure what’s going to happen, but the whole world is going to be watching,” says Rowley. “Jaws is the biggest, heaviest and most challenging wave in the world to surf – it’s the next frontier; there’s never been an event like this.  I’ve never felt more ready and nothing has ever felt more right for me; I can’t wait.”


Red Bull goes big when it comes to delivery, check out Rowley’s giant treasure chest that secures his mysterious Jaws event invite. Photo: Minnie Vuong



Rowley is best known for being part of the paddle-in movement at Jaws Peahi earlier this year where surfers have given up the jet ski for paddle-in power of their two arms.  Rowley conquered one wave specifically that earned him a finalist placing for ‘Ride of the Year’ in the Billabong Global XXL Big Wave Awards 2012. 


As one of the finalist for ‘Best Ride of the Year’ at the Billabong XXL Big Wave Awards 2012, we can expect huge things from this Aussie charger. Photo: Surf Channel/ Vince Marin



Keep checking back here for more information about the Jaws Invitational as details are revealed! 


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