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Surf more and spend less, while reducing your carbon footprint and helping the environment. In search for perfect waves, surfers spend millions of dollars every year on gas fares to scope out breaks up and down the coast. We like to think that all surfers live in harmony with our planet, but burning tons of gasoline chasing waves can also pollutes our oceans. That’s why environmental activists and corporate companies alike have joined hands to promote a good purchase for your next vehicle – the Chevy Volt.  





The Chevy Volt is the most fuel efficient compact car with a gasoline engine sold in the United States.  If you care about your carbon footprint, then the Volt which is a plug-in hybrid is your car.  The magic of the Volt is the fact that you can go about 40 miles purely on electricity straight out of a typical plug in your garage, but then the car switches to its gasoline engine which powers the car in a way that the consumer experience is the same as any other vehicle.  So for local commuting, the car can be used solely as an electric car and then long drives are the same as any standard car.


The Chevrolet Volt has won numerous awards such as the 2009 Green Car Vision Award, 2011 Green Car of the Year, 2011 North American Car of the Year, 2011 World Green Car and 2012 European Car of the Year. This is the adventurer’s car, and surfers should be the first to adopt early and set this healthy trend.  If you love to surf, but truly care about the environment… then get the Volt.


The Surf Channel founder, Steve Bellamy, is super stoked off his new Chevy Volt and hopes that other environmentalists lead the way by supporting the effort to go green and save our oceans one hybrid at a time. Watch as Bellamy cruises the California Pacific Coast Highway and avoids the gas pump:



2013 Chevy Volt Review, The Surf Channel 



Going green has never been this convenient. The surf industry is showing how much they care about ecology and the environment, while also making smart business decisions. The investment to buy this vehicle shows a turn around in under five years – that is if gas prices stabilized at $5/gallon. We must get off our dependence on oil, so its about time to change the way we think about transportation.


“I have a Chevy Volt and I don’t think I’ve used a drop of gas in 12 days.” Dave Barthmuss said, Group Manager of General Motors. Barthmuss visited the Hurley Headquarters recently to partner with the surf industry and encourage the surf community to go green: 


“We think it’s a great partnership given the green vision that Hurley has, protecting beaches, protecting water, and all of those great programs.”  


One of the most influential figures in action sports for his stylish surfing and commitment to the environment is Hurley team rider, Rob Machado. Years on the ASP World Championship Tour solidified Machado as one of the world’s best surfers; now as a tour veteran, Machado dedicates much of his time to educating the surf community about important initiatives benefiting our planet and our youth. The Rob Machado Foundation works closely with Hurley on projects encouraging environmental education. Machado sees the potential benefits on the planet if students can learn to take care of it. Pollution is a primary focus of the foundation:


“We’re benefitting the Cardiff SEA foundation, which basically raises environmental awareness to local elementary students. We’ll try and teach them how important it is to take care of the ocean,” Machado told Surfer Magazine. Burning less gasoline means cleaner San Diego surf breaks. That’s why companies like Hurley support the Chevy Volt.


James Leitz, Senior Vice President of IMG Worldwide, is in charge of the largest sporting event in the world – the U.S. Open of Surfing. The IMG team has successfully incorporated numerous environmental projects into the busy U.S. Open event schedule, like green initiatives such as the Hydration Nation project with Hurley to educate about the harmful effects of plastic water bottles. Leitz test drove the Chevy Volt and loved the way it drove:

“It feels great!” 


Steve Bellamy's Chevy Volt, Photo: The Ski Channel


While gas prices continue to rise nationwide, U.S. citizens are bleeding their pockets at the pump and wondering where to turn. A short fix of drilling our coastline may help balance budgets, but some deep ocean drilling – such as hydrolic fracking – can be detrimental to the ocean’s ecosystem and adversely effect marine life, linked to severe instances of water and air pollution and other environmental harm. Hybrid cars could help rid the U.S. of our dependency on foreign oil.


Professional surfer from Hawaii, Torrey Meister, is on the campaign trail to educate about the dangerous effects of pollution. He appreciates the ocean just as any other surfer, and says that the time is now to change our bad habits and stop the excessive burning of fuel: 


“Climate change is affecting our oceans,” says Torrey Meister.


We asked John O’Dell for his opinion, the Senior Editor and Green Car Expert for Edmunds:


“The Volt’s nearly 35 miles of all-electric range will get most surfers to the beach and back with no tailpipe emissions. For those who live farther away from their favorite waves, the Volt’s EPA-espimated 60 mpg overall fuel efficiency – gas and electricity combined – still makes it a great green ride. The hatchback rear and folding seats can make stowing boards easy.”


Jodie Nelson, pro surfer and ASP World Championship Tour webcast host loves the Volt: “I’m gonna buy one, I swear!” 


 Surf more, spend less! The Future is Electric.



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