Images of Hurricane Swell in Florida, Sandy Postpones Slater Brothers Surf Competition

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Hearing Kelly Slater say he’s “freaked out” by surf conditions is a red flag. As the U.S. East Coast prepares for one of the strongest storms it has ever faced, now only hours away from shore, professional surfers are Instagraming the most remarkable hurricane swell pics. Florida natives, Kelly Slater and Evan Geiselman, are no stranger to huge swell conditions – two surfers that normally chase down weather patterns in search for the biggest waves. Yet, neither of them expected the storm to chase them, as Hurricane Sandy spins towards the East Coast and postpones some of Florida’s biggest surf events.


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Florida native and pro surfer, Evan Geiselman, posted this incredible image:


"Still can't believe the waves we've got in FL, crazy @low_pez," Evan Geilselman posted. Photo: Instagram

“Still can’t believe the waves we’ve got in FL, crazy @low_pez,” Evan Geilselman posted. Photo: Instagram


Delray Beach, Florida. Photo:

Delray Beach, Florida. Photo: Video



On the beach in front of Coconuts, volunteers did what they could to set up barricades and scaffolding for this weekend’s Slater Brothers Surf Invitational.  The kind of storm that tends to excite surfers has forced a change in plans for the big-name surfing competition. Strong winds prevented the competition from setting up, WFTV Florida News reported, the Slaters changing their plans as they announced to hold what they’ve dubbed as the world’s biggest hurricane party at Coconuts on Friday night. Their surf content, now postponed by Hurricane Sandy, hopes to raise awareness for the World Skin Cancer Foundation.


Kelly Slater posted this image today, announcing his fear of the storm approaching Florida’s coast:


Kelly Slater posted this yesterday, announcing his fear of the storm approaching Florida's coast. Photo: Instagram

“Two faces. A long, glassy one and a whitewater one. Pretty freaked out by the surf I saw in FL yesterday,” Kelly Slater posted. Photo: Instagram



“We have enough time to run it in two days,” said organizer Sean Slater, also noting that surfers could see some of the best surfing waves they’ve ever seen at the meet on Sunday. Watch the video report from Florida.


For more updates on The Slater Brothers Invitational surf competition, visit their website.


More images from the hurricane swell, still hundreds of miles off coast but already hitting the Florida coast hard:

Delray Beach, Florida. Photo:

Not ideal kayak conditions…. Photo: Video


Delray Beach, Florida. Photo:

Good luck paddling out today, boys. Delray Beach, Florida. Photo: Video


Delray Beach, Florida. Photo:

Delray Beach, Florida. Photo: Video


Delray Beach, Florida. Photo:

Delray Beach, Florida. Photo: Video



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