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The crowd at Playa de Pantin, in Galicia, Spain, was impressed by both male and women competitors as they took advantage of the great conditions on Day 2 of the Cabreiroa Pantin Classic Pro. The women’s ASP 6-Star event was packed full of inspiring stand-outs including 21-year-old Sage Erickson from Ventura, California. Erickson wasted no time in scoring a 9.33 out of 10 in her opening heat.  The men’s division had several stand-outs for the day  including Brazilian Bino Lopes.  Through a competitive line up, Lopes planted the highest wave score of the day with an 8.33. 


Cabreiroa Pantin Classic Pro .September 12-16,2012

Sage Erickson (USA) shows off her momentum carrying her through the event. Photo: ASP/Masurel



 “My first heat went really well today, and I’ve just been really excited to get out and get a jersey on,” commented Sage Erickson (USA). “The conditions were a little bit smaller earlier on while practicing and it’s picked up a bit. It’s the first time we’ve had some real swell on the Star tour this year besides Margaret River, so it feels good to be in some power!” 


 “My first heat went really well today, and I’ve just been really excited to get out and get a jersey on,” commented Sage Erickson (USA). “The conditions were a little bit smaller earlier on while practicing and it’s picked up a bit. It’s the first time we’ve had some real swell on the Star tour this year besides Margaret River, so it feels good to be in some power!”


Erickson hopes to make it to the top of this European event to keep her momentum from the past few contests in Peru and California.  After placing fifth and then first at the ASP 6-Star Supergirl Pro in Oceanside, California, Erickson charged the bigger sets at Playa de Pantin with confidence. 


Beautiful Playa Pantin awaits the competitors in Galicia, Spain. Photo: ASP/Masurel



“Coming from California, I’m quite used to that windy kind of smaller beachbreak conditions,” Erickson said.  “At home in Ventura, we have some really good pointbreaks and further north there’s some more powerful waves.  I think when I was younger I kind of forced myself to go out when it was a bit bigger, and I was scared just for little moments like this when there’s a bit more size out in the water, so I feel confident here. It’s my third year so I’m really excited to try and get on the podium here in Europe.  My first heat was kind of a blurr, just because I was pretty focused and a bit anxious to get that first heat out of the way, but I think my 9.33 I had an OK first turn and a strong second turn on the close-out.” 


19-year-old Australian, Georgia Fish, scored one of the highest combined heat totals of the day at 15.10.  With a strong opening show in the women’s division in heat one, Fish made her way ahead of current women’s ASP World Championship Tour competitor, Jacqueline Silva (BRA). 


“I’ve been quite sick so I haven’t given myself much of an expectation for this contest.  I’m trying to have a more relaxed approach, so I’m really happy to have such a good heat,” Fish shared. “I’ve been here for a few days, and we’ve surfed Valdovino and had a drive around to see Cedeira. It’s beautiful here, and a lot like where I grew up in Victoria. My goal coming here is to try and get consistent in heats, and I’ll be pretty happy with that!”


Georgia Fish (AUS) moves on to Day 4 of the Cabreiroa Pantin Classic 2012. Photo: ASP/Masurel



South African native, Bianca Buitendag, at 18-years-old is already proved herself as one of the strongest world tour hopefuls.  Buitendag scored the second highest wave score of the day with an 8.67 out of 10. 


“I’m always a bit nervous in the first heat either way, so it’s good to have it under the belt,” Buitendag said. “I finally managed to get (a wave) that went all the way to the inside, did a couple of turns on it and got a good score!”


Currently sitting in 5th place on the ASP Women’s World Tour rankings, Buitendag is almost completely secured on next year’s Top 17, once she replaces two low results to solidify her position. 


“We had one pro junior event in South Africa about a week ago where I got first and my friend Sarah and I qualified to go to Bali, which is after the last event here, so it’s going to be a busy schedule next month!  I’m focusing on the Star tour more and Word Juniors to top it off, to go to Bali I mean. Who doesn’t want to go to Bali!” Buitendag has a point.


Bino Lopes (BRA) soaring through the rounds of the Cabreiroa Pantin Classic Pro. Photo: ASP/Masurel



Through a competitive line up of the Men’s ASP 3-Star Cabreiroa Pantin Classic Pro, it was Brazil’s Bino Lopes who planted the highest wave score of the day with an 8.33. 


“That left was amazing, I made a good first turn, then a snap right under the lip and another couple of big turns… it was a really fun wave!” Lopes reflected. “It was a good heat for me. I had some good waves, and I’m super happy. I hope tomorrow I can make some more heats.”


24-year-old Lopes had a strong 2011 season with a win at a 2-Star event at home and 5th at the 6-Star Rio de Janeiro event. 


“I feel like I haven’t had the best luck in the previous events, like the Azores where my opponent got a wave in the last 10 seconds and got the score he needed to pass ahead of me, but that’s competition and I’m staying focused and positive here,” Lopes said. “This year, I’ve missed a few events due to a leg injury and I hope I can get a couple results by the end of this season.” 


Spain’s very own Gony Zubizarreta qualified for the third round of competition placing second to Brazilian Messias Felix. 


“It was pretty hard at the beginning there.  I couldn’t find a decent wave and Messias was ripping,” Zubizarreta commented. “I was thinking if I found the wave I could get a score in these conditions and I caught that good left and got that 7.10 with a small backup.  At the end Dimitri was needing a 6 and I know he’s a really good surfer and could get the score easily, so I tried to keep him off of the good ones.”




Friday, September 14, 2012


Competitors met again today at Playa de Pantin, in Galicia, Spain for clean offshore 2-3ft waves.  The second half of the men’s third Round was completed in addition to the women’s Round of 12.  


French World Tour surfer Pauline Ado was on fire today with the highest heat total of both men and women divisions, giving it everything she had in the 2-3ft surf.  


“It was an ideal one for me.  I started with two good waves pretty quickly so I felt a little relieved afterwards,” Ado said. “From then on, I was mostly surfing for fun. I didn’t manage to better my two best scores, but it felt great to have a heat where you’re not chasing scores and can actually appreciate it.  The sandbank is really good and lefts were fun, but the wind made it hard to select them. There’s a little bit of luck involved and with four surfers out, it’s not easy.”


Since her 2012 WCT season was rocky, Ado is working hard at the Cabreiroa Pantin Classic Pro in order to remain in the elite Top 17 in 2013.  


“I did have a difficult year on the CT, but I’m learning from my losses and I hope to finish strong in the back-half of the year to requalify,” Ado said. “With these three remaining events, I can hope to better my situation.  I’m not too focused on the rankings calculating everything, because I don’t want to put that extra pressure on myself.” 


Another impressive heat with lefts peeling all the way to shore was Sofia Mulanovich from Peru.  


“I feel good; I got a couple of fun waves finally and my boards are feeling good so I’m confident for the next heat,” Mulanovich said. “I got an 8;, after you get that score you don’t quite feel not relaxed, but you feel more confident about your surfing and your performance. I was stoked to make it. I need the points, so I’m keeping positive and I hope for the next ones.”


Only needing a few more strong performances to secure her spot at the elite level, Mulanovich has the potential to re-qualify through the Star events.  


“I missed an event on the CT where I was injured, but it’s all good; it’s just experience and it motivates me even more for this contest,” Mulanovich said. “I still got a 3rd at home and a 2nd in the Australian Open so I need to keep it up, be consistent and try to get more points here.” 


22-year-old Alana Blanchard (HAW) made her way into the third round of competition, eliminating Hawaiian Alessa Quizon and moving ahead of Sage Erickson.  Blanchard had previously competed on the WCT and is now working hard to earn a few good results in the European summer leg to boost her back into the Top 17.


“I felt like I wasn’t getting the right waves, but I got some fun ones so I’m stoked,” Blanchard said. “This is my third time in Pantin and my best result so far, so I love it! I’ve been on the CT two times and have fallen off, but it’s not that big of a deal to me. I’m having fun doing the Star events as well as the CT and doing trips with Rip Curl, so either way, it’s good.”  


Moving on to the Men’s event today, 18-year-old Peruvian, Carlo Zapata defeated the recent winner of the Boardmasters, Charles Matin.  With a score of 8.00 out of 10, Carlo reflects on his heat:


“Today’s heat was a hard one. Everyone was surfing very good, and I think what helped me to get through that one was strategy.  I’m pretty happy to get that 8.00 in the heat and a 5 something. The waves are not the best today, but it’s the same for everybody.”


Zapata had to battle through his heat as a competitor with limited experience and new to the international scene.  


“The French competitor tried to hassle me with that wave, but I didn’t let go because I knew that was an amazing one,” Zapata said. “I caught it and concentrated on surfing it well, did a couple snaps and rollers, a good combination of maneuvers and it felt good. I’m feeling pretty confident right now, and we’ll see how it goes in the next ones.” 


Australian competitor, Nathan Hedge, took the day’s second highest heat total, proving he is still a strong competitor though just restarting the qualifying series.  


“I’ve been coming to Pantin for a lot of years so I was excited to come back,” Hedge commented. “I picked fun lefthanders in the corner… I sat a little bit wide from the other guys, because I knew the left is really quick and I thought it would be better not to hassle, just try and surf the wave… There’s been some big righthanders in the corner.”


The next call has been set to 12pm tomorrow for the final day of the women’s event that will see the 2012 ASP 6-Star Cabreiroa Pantin Classic Pro champion crowned in the afternoon. The men’s event will return on Sunday in Pantin.


 Keep watching the event live here!   



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