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If you haven’t met Kid Creature already, you’ve probably seen one of his master pieces rocked by pro surfers Dane Reynolds and Andrew Doheny. Heck, you may even be wearing one of his ridiculously awesome Volcom t-shirt designs. Calvin Saxton, a 13 year-old original ganster out of Newport, California, is the most mellow and multi-talented kid around. When he doesn’t have a sharpie in his hand, he can be found shaping surfboards and taking them for a spin in front of his house. After Volcom caught word of this talented youngster, they partnered up with Cal for a worthy cause, developing a Volcom t-shirt line to benefit children with cystic fibrosis. A portion of the proceeds from the t’s are donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation‘s local chapter, Pipeline To A Cure. Cal has already raised over $20,000 in the last ten months for their cause. Did I mention that he just celebrated his 13th birthday in July? Wowza, pretty inspiring.
The Surf Channel met up with Cal at his launch party for his hand shaped boards and benefit party at Shapers Studios in San Diego. Here’s what he had to say:

Kid Creature Surfboard Launch Party, Shaper Studios, San Diego. Photo: Surf Channel/Shannon Q


Kid Creature, Calvin Saxton. Photo: Surf Channel/Shannon Q

Kid Creature, Calvin Saxton, busy preparing for the launch of his new line of hand-shaped surfboards. Photo: Surf Channel/Shannon Q


Transcribed by Jackie Brody 
The Surf Channel Editor, Shannon Quirk:  When did you start surfing, and why do you love it?

Kid Creature, Calvin Saxton (13, Newport Beach, California):  Eight years ago. I surf cuz its fun and it makes me feel good.


TSC:  How did the name “Kid Creature” come about?

Cal:  I’m a kid and I draw creatures haha.


TSC: Do you think surfers should shape their own boards?

Cal: Ya, definitely!


TSC: What’s holding California kids back? 

Cal: Maybe they think it’s too much work, or they probably just don’t think they can do it, but they can.


TSC: Recommendations for new shapers? 

Cal:  Keep practicing and keep on it.


TSC:  After choosing a blank, what’s the next step in board shaping? 

Cal: First you do your measurements of the board, then you cut it out, get it to the thickness that you want, smooth it out, rails, draw and glass.


TSC: Where do you like surfing the most?

Cal: Uh, anywhere from 32nd to 40th st, in Newport. 


TSC: Are these boards designed perfectly for those breaks?

Cal: Ya, they are designed for 32nd mostly.


TSCDo you know how many boards you have shaped?

Cal:  I think like 25. I want to make as many boards as I can. 


Signature "bloodshot-eye" by Kid Creature, Calvin Saxton. Photo: Surf Channel/Shannon Q

Signature “bloodshot-eye” by Kid Creature, Calvin Saxton. Photo: Surf Channel/Shannon Q


Cal explains the steps of board shaping in the Shaper Studios. Photo: Surf Channel/Shannon Q

Cal explains the steps of board shaping in the Shaper Studios. Photo: Surf Channel/Shannon Q


TSC: Were you scared the first time, or nervous?

Cal: No. I started shaping in Newport with a buddy of mine, Andrew Doheny, and he gave me a lot of help. I surf with him a lot. There are always people around Shaper Studios to help, too.


TSC: What inspired you for these designs?

Cal: Uhhm, I don’t know, random stuff, ha. Random stuff you see.


TSC: A lot of professional surfers have been inspired by your art. Is that cool to get feedback from the pros?

Cal: Ha, ya definitely.


TSC: What kind of drawing took place before you moved into board design?

Cal: Just on paper, with sharpies and Poscas – a Japanese paint pen. I’ve drawn on skateboard decks, too.


TSC: How did the t-shirt printing process begin, and now they’re doing so well, how you have time for it all? 

Cal: It started as just two shirts. My buddies started wearing them and then it began to grow bigger and bigger, especially when Dane started wearing one at the Lowers Pro two years ago.



TSC: And anything that Dane Reynolds wears becomes cool, right?

Cal: Haha, ya.


TSC: Which is your favorite design?

Probably that guy right there, I call him Toxic. It’s a robot. I like using circles and triangles, and a lot of weird shapes.


TSC:  Everyone’s seen your trademark “red eye” art. What’s the deal? 

Cal: I like watching weird cartoons and they always have bloodshot eyes, and so that’s my signature now.


TSC: Maybe its just from salt water. ;)  What’s your favorite surf video?

Probably Lost Atlas.


TSC: Favorite music?

Cal:  I mostly listen to the Black Keys.


TSC: Favorite surfers?

Cal: Dane, Andrew… I like Craig Anderson.


TSC: Do you ever want to compete surfing?

Cal: Uh, no. It stresses me out.


TSC:  Favorite food?

Cal: Uhh, chicken and steak.


TSC:  When did you get braces?

Cal:  2 months ago. They don’t hurt, just sore.


TSC:  What’s been the best part of designing these pieces?

Cal: Giving back, and you also get to do crazy fun things that you would never think you could do.


TSC:  When did Volcom contact you about collaborating?

Cal:  About a year and a half a ago, to make shirts and boardshorts.


TSC: The launch of your board line is a pretty big deal. What’s next?


Cal: We just built a shaping bay in Newport in my dad’s warehouse. I think about surf all day, at school, all the time. So shaping is really fun for me.


TSC: Any plans fun plans for the summer?

Cal: I’m going to Costa Rica with my friend. I’ll probably bring the Chode, or I might get a shortboard shaped.


TSC: And your parents?

Cal:  Nope, ha ha.


Kid Creature designs just about anything surf. Photo: Surf Channel/ Shannon Q

Kid Creature designs just about anything surf. Photo: Surf Channel/ Shannon Q


This Kid Creature has done more in his 13 years than most could do in a lifetime. Go Cal! Photo: Surf Channel/Shannon Q

This Kid Creature has done more in his 13 years than most could do in a lifetime. Go Cal! Photo: Surf Channel/Shannon Q


TSC:  Describe your quiver.

Cal:  I have one longboard, two single fins I shaped, and one Neck Beard that Dane gave me — thats basically what I ride.


TSC: Favorite surf maneuver?

Cal: Hmm, getting barrelled or just cruising.


TSC: What are you most excited about today for the launch of your new board line?

Cal: Just a lot people coming to buy some surfboards and get the word out.




TSC:  Nasty wipeouts or injuries?

Cal:  I got my knee to the face one time. A couple weeks ago I cut my foot open, but it wasn’t that bad.


TSC:  Next place you really want to surf?

Cal: Mmm, probably Nicaragua.


TSC: Cool. Looks like you are giving lots of inspiration to other kids; nice work!

Cal: Thanks, hah, thank you.



Watch Kid Creature’s episode of “Foam & Friends” coming up on The Surf Channel Television Network.

To get your hands on Kid Creature gear, check out:

For more information on the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and how to donate to Pipeline To A Cure, visit:



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Kid Creature rules!

Surfing, art and music – three of my favorite things, you go, Cal!

Calvin Saxton says:


Calvin Saxton says:


Kid Creature says:



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