Top 10 Hotties of Pro Surfing

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Okay, I’ll man up and say what everyone else is thinking: I think it’s hot when a girl surfs like a man! Although a three to the beach is still a leg up on what I can pull, it’s definitely hot to see a girl go fins free, or throw a huge air without regards to her body. It takes more than a beautiful face and stunning features (stop questioning my logic just roll with it) for you to be considered, “hot.” You’ve gotta lay the hacks, nail the shots, and most importantly, pull the results. While some Neanderthal Broski will rant about how Alana’s the hottest surfer ever, he’s also probably going tail forward no fins at Bolsa Chica on a 2 ft day. So guys, stop being cavemen, and open up your minds a bit, because I would carry these girls’ boards down the Trestles walk any day.


Bringing beauty to Seal Beach. Photo: Dove Shore/Red Bull Content Pool

Maya Gabeira is probably the toughest surfer out there (well, maybe Keala Kennelly takes that one). After her recent appearance during the big Teahupo’o swell, one might wonder what she WON’T pull into, or whether she’s really sane. The only thing we’re sure of is that it might be time for her to let another girl take the best overall performance award, something her and Kelly can talk about in the lineup at Dungeons. She not ugly either, but between my inferiority complex and the probability of throwing up in my mouth every time she drops in on a 20ft + wave, I’m sorry Maya but I don’t think we’d work out.

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Pam Miller says:

Jesus, is this how far we've come? Get a grip.

Wil Stockman says:

No doubt!


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