VIDEO: A Moment with Tatiana Weston-Webb and Caroline Marks
November 27, 2015

Professional surfer Tatiana Weston-Webb takes a moment to interview her good friend and rising surf star Caroline Marks at the Supergirl Pro in Oceanside. Caroline earned herself the title as  

Super Sessions Change Big-Wave Surfing History
November 25, 2015

Super Sessions is changing female big-wave surfing history. This unique kickstarter campaign is a multimedia project that gives big-wave female surfers the resources to record and share their most daring  

VIDEO: Meet Surf Photographer Brigid Lally
November 24, 2015

Meet surf photographer Brigid Lally. Unlike many other surf photographers, Brigid did not discover her passion for the ocean living by the beach. She actually grew up in Manhattan and  

November 22, 2015

The schedule for the WSL Championship Tour (CT), Qualifying Series (QS), as well as the juniors events and longboard series has been released.  There have been some slight changes and  

Bethany Hamilton’s 6 City Tour
November 20, 2015

In a world that can be tiresome and suffocating, there are those among us who have discovered how to live with exuberance, unleashed and fully alive. Bethany Hamilton is one  

VIDEO: Waikiki Cruising with Crystal Dzigas
November 18, 2015

Meet Hawaiian female surfer Crystal Dzigas. She is a WSL longboard competitor, has a great outlook on the sport of surfing, her family and life. Crystal views traditional longboarding as  

VIDEO: Local Style – Ireland’s Shambles Mc Goldrick
November 16, 2015

Local Style visits Strandhill surfer and bodyboarder Shambles Mc Goldrick. While the rest of the world is just now realizing what Ireland has to offer surfers, Shambles Mc Goldrick has  

VIDEO: Pipeline Rescues
November 13, 2015

Between September and May, the North Shores’ Pipeline often becomes the breeding ground for large and unpredictable swell. Lifeguards Ian Forrester and Rob Dorr explain that Pipeline is a very  

Surf and Adventure Extraordinaire Alison Teal
November 11, 2015

Alison Teal may be one of the most interesting human beings you will ever meet. She is a surfer girl, adventure extraordinaire, survivalist, show host, filmmaker, educator, and world traveler.  

Win a Trip to Fiji with Kelly Slater
November 08, 2015

Kelly Slater has teamed up with a handful of organizations in attempt to raise money for the skate to school scholarship foundation, protect our beaches with the help of SurfAid,  

VIDEO: River Surfing
November 07, 2015

Did you know river surfing is actually a thing? Not all surfers are fortunate enough to live on the coast, so new and innovative ways to ride a wave have  

Possible Shark Sighting at Lower Trestles
November 05, 2015

Yesterday at Lower Trestles a local videographer caught what appeared to be a possible shark sighting on camera. In the clip below, you can clearly see a large fin breach  


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