World Premiere of "Slow Dance" by Marine Layer Productions Featuring Craig Anderson

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What’s being called “the best surf film of recent years” by Stab Magazine is finally ready for your viewing pleasure. The much anticipated Marine Layer Productions short film, Slow Dance, takes a sharp look into the timeless style of Craig Anderson. The 30-minute color surf movie was cut together by Dane Reynolds and Dustin Miller, and Quiksilver is proud to host the world premiere this Saturday night, , July 20th, 7:30PM at their headquarters in Huntington Beach, California.

A modern approach with hints to the past, Slow Dance follows Ando in and out of the water as he travels the globe, from Tahitian pits to home surf spots Down Under. From thrusters to single fins, Ando is featured surfing Chile, India and West Africa. The film also features action of Dane Reynolds, in addition to: Rob Machado, Chippa Wilson, Dion Agius, Mark Occhilupo, Ozzie Wright and Matt Hoy.

Pro surfer Damien Fahrenfort got an special sneak-peek before the premiere, and is calling Slow Dance the “best surf film of recent years.” Frankenfort reviewed the flick for Stab Magazine saying that, “Dane Reynolds has produced an exquisite portrayal of Craig Anderson. It’s Dane’s first full-length surf film involving another subject. Slow Dance is a title that suits Craig. The film isn’t what you’d expect from Dane. Slow motion with candid moments! But, I wont give too much away. The film sums up Craig perfectly and after a lot of hours behind a computer screen, you can bet Craig is relieved to be done with it…” Read the full interview with Fahrenfort and Ando on Stab Mag.

Slow Dance World Premiere staring Craig Anderson. Photo: Quiksilver

RSVP here to attend the world premiere of Slow Dance.

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