Grant Washburn’s Near-Death Experience at Mavericks

Grant Washburn recalls one of his worst wipeouts at Mavericks in excruciating detail. He remembers it being a tow-in-day, where a couple of his friends on jet skis towed him and a few other surfers into the line up. Essentially, Grant wasn’t in the right head space to be surfing 60-70 foot faces. He was coaxed into surfing that day by none other than daredevil Jay Moriarity.

During Grant’s interview, he said something that really caught our attention, which was, when you are towed into big waves, you don’t get that same rush if you were to paddle in. Which is understandable, but how else would we acquire this key piece of information unless all of our employees took off on massive bombs at Mavericks on the regular.

Grant had only expected to catch one good wave during his session, and do the old ‘one and done’. However once he got into the wave, he realized his positioning was all out of whack. He ended up too deep in the bowl, attempted to bottom turn and ended up getting slammed by the walled up wave. Grant recalls this memory as the day he almost died, not necessarily his worst wipeout ever. As he sat in the impact zone, getting held under by the set, he didn’t remember being scared, he just remembered thinking that this was it. His life was over.

Thankfully, Grant made it out of this dangerous situation and lived to tell the tale.