Kitesurfing with Allen Sarlo

Allen Sarlo is a Malibu legend. As one of the original Z-Boys on the surf and skate team, Sarlo’s roots run deep on the west coast of California. He grew up in an area of Venice Beach, which the locals deem “DogTown” and is recognized as an incredible surfer and kitesurfer. Sarlo even earned himself the nickname “Wave Killer” in the 70’s.

Not only is Allen Sarlo a talented waterman, but he has also immersed himself into foundations and charity’s built to better the community of Malibu. He is a key member of the Malibu Under Dogs Foundation, which focuses on improving the lives of people with special needs. Allen Sarlo and other respectable locals take pride in their home break and bring their soul and style to this unique charity. They specialize in passing on surf knowledge, creating memories, and instilling happiness through surfing.

In this Surf Channel exclusive video, Allen Sarlo tears up Topanga. Sarlo’s resume includes numerous Junior Champ wins, World Master wins, a pro career, documentary appearances, Magazine features, he’s a down-to-earth do-gooder, and some even refer to him as “The King of Malibu.” Is there anything this guy can’t do?