The Surf Channel
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The Surf Channel is an original, free, ad supported television network delivered on cable, satellite and IPTV services, web and wireless. The Video On Demand television network will be found on cable, satellite, telco and digital. Distribution partners include: Comcast, Cox Communications, DirecTV, Dish Network, We aim to provide 24-hours a day surf television, 365-days a year straight to the living room of cable and satellite subscribers, featuring nothing but surf! How long has the industry been waiting to hear those words?

Maui Women’s Pro Called ON

WSL PRESS RELEASE Location: Honolua Bay, Maui/Hawaii Event window: November 23 – December 5, 2016 Today’s call: Event trials followed by Round 1 Conditions: 3 – 4 foot HONOLUA BAY, M…

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