Taylor Phelps
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Taylor Phelps is a California State University of Channel Islands graduate with a degree in Communications. Born and raised near the coast of Southern California, she has developed a passion for the ocean and the mountains. Additionally, she has a special interest in cross cultural communication and plans to develop her knowledge on the topic by traveling the world someday.

VIDEO: Pipeline Rescues

Between September and May, the North Shores’ Pipeline often becomes the breeding ground for large and unpredictable swell. Lifeguards Ian Forrester and Rob Dorr explain that Pipeline is a very d…

Win a Trip to Fiji with Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater has teamed up with a handful of organizations in attempt to raise money for the skate to school scholarship foundation, protect our beaches with the help of SurfAid, and create everlastin…

VIDEO: River Surfing

Did you know river surfing is actually a thing? Not all surfers are fortunate enough to live on the coast, so new and innovative ways to ride a wave have been invented. Wyoming die-hard surfers have c…

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