Taylor Phelps
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Taylor Phelps is a California State University of Channel Islands graduate with a degree in Communications. Born and raised near the coast of Southern California, she has developed a passion for the ocean and the mountains. Additionally, she has a special interest in cross cultural communication and plans to develop her knowledge on the topic by traveling the world someday.

VIDEO: Why Our Oceans Are at Risk

The Surf Channel visited Ocean Conservancy in Washington D.C. to find out what’s really going on with pollution in our oceans. Nicholas Mallos, the Director of Trash Free Seas Program, explained…

Huge Waves Damage Ventura Pier

Building over the last couple of days, a massive north swell has finally peaked its ugly head and released its wrath on the Ventura Pier early this morning. Officers cordoned off the pier, confirming …

New Surf Trailers OnDemand

Check out a few of The Surf Channel’s new trailers featured OnDemand. In this episode of Board Stories, we travel to the Cook Islands and catch up with local pipeline chargers that include Randa…

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